Spring Fever and Spring Cleaning

Good evening friends!

We’ve made it to Thursday and it’s almost the weekend! So excited that tomorrow’s Friday. Also so excited for the weather we had today. It was in the 50’s which is HUGE around the Boston area in the month of February. That could only mean one thing: I was getting outside today!

I substitute taught until 2 and then drove home with my windows down, soaking up the sunshine 🙂

I got my gear on and headed out at a run. I am DEFINITELY not in the running shape I was in last summer and fall

so I wasn’t expecting much. I ran for a solid 20 minutes and then decided to walk because my tummy was flaring up a bit. I didn’t get mad about it, like I often do, I just took it in stride and finished out my 4 mile walk/run. I actually had to stop at a friend’s house to grab a sweatshirt; despite the 50 degree temps, the 4 ft snowbanks kind of made it like a refridgerator as I walked down the shady streets. I was glad to get home when I did and take a hot shower 🙂

Another thing that the weather got me in the mood for was spring cleaning, and not just the dusting and vacuuming kind, the whole life kind. It started while I was having some down time at work; that itch to start list-making and planning. I have really always loved and thrived off of having to-do lists, and I know that right now my life could use a little bit of motivation and plans to keep me going 🙂 So, that being said, here’s the list:

Weekend To-Do

  • Homework–catch up on the reading for classes that I’m behind and get reading done for next weekends class (intensive weekend format Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
  • Clean, dust and reorganize room–to de-clutter your life you need to start with where you live. I need my room to be organized, neat, and peaceful for me to get my work and rest there. Kath’s new Home Neat Home series has definitely given me some tips and inspiration!
  • Cardio workout–I’d like to get in one good cardio workout this weekend. After today’s run I could tell that my need was bothering me so I am thinking cycling is the way to go (listening to your body always pays off).
  • Yoga session–my mind and body need this like no other. I need to make my practice a regular thing to keep my stress levels in check.
  • Meditation–same as with the yoga; meditation is key in clearing and de-cluttering the mind and relieving stress.
  • Buy a good pair of black or gray flats–I’ve been working more and I need a comfy pair of shoes to take care of my feet!
  • Meal and Fitness Plan for the week–next week is February vacation for my job, meaning I will not be working at all and will have plenty of time to focus on my diet and fitness. I am hoping to use this as a week to kick start my spring cleaning diet and fitness plan…more on that later!

So that’s it, my big spring cleaning list. It was important for me to look at this holistically; its not just about a clean room or exercising more, it’s about the whole picture: mind, body, and soul.

Question: What helps you to clean out and de-clutter your life? How do you refocus?

Have a great night everyone and Happy Weekend for tomorrow!

lots of love,


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2 Responses to Spring Fever and Spring Cleaning

  1. alisonkburkett says:

    Great questions Emily…I clean out and de-clutter my life through movement, whether it be through the body, voice or simply reorganizing my space. A woman I work with meditates daily on the questions, “what do I need to release, what do I need to practice, and what new actions do I need to take?”

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