Successfully Distracted

Good Evening Friends,

If you follow my blog you may wonder, “where did Em go after all those goals of Spring Cleaning?” I didn’t go too far I’ve just been gettin’ back to being me 🙂 I have been out and about most days and nights since that post and that’s really what I need right now.

So how did I do on my goals?

Weekend To-Do

  • Homework–caught up and getting ready for this weekends class (3-days filled with education, wooo!)
  • Clean, dust and reorganize room–Room and closet have been cleaned and reorganized…aside from a few laundry items that need to be put in their proper place 🙂
  • Cardio workout–Got in a spin over the weekend and it felt really good, getting in a run tomorrow before class.
  • Yoga session–did a yoga session yesterday and it was amazing–such a clarifying moment and a chance to just breathe. Also found my move that I’m really great at!(source) I was even walking my toes around to each of my shoulders, so cool!
  • Meditation–been trying it at night to calm my thoughts before I sleep. What has been really helpful also is to write down my to-do list for the next day and begin my meditation with some yoga stretching to loosen my body and relieve any noticeable tension.
  • Buy a good pair of black or gray flats–Got ’em! Cute and super comfy 
  • Meal and Fitness Plan for the week–So this is a major endeavor for me that I’m about to begin and I think it will be reflecting on my blog. In terms of eating, I am attempting to go gluten-free for a few weeks. I have so many up’s and down’s with my stomach and, although IBS and stress account for a great deal of them, I’m starting to believe there’s something more. I have been tested over and over for celiac’s and I do not have it, but I have been reading about gluten-intolerance and I think it may be something that’s affecting me. I already know that malted barley is a problem for me and something at I avoid (beer and I are not friends) so I don’t see the harm in trying a GF diet for a while to see if some other issues are resolved. I will definitely be needing some help and advice so all of you GF people out there, leave me messages and suggestions! I also am hoping to clean up my diet of a lot of the junk and stress eating that has been causing me to not look and feel myself. I eat really healthy and mindfully 75% of the time but the other 25% is directly correlated to stress and “calming” my upset stomach. I know that there are better techniques, just as stress-reduction, meditation, mindfulness, and yoga that could help me to feel better.
  • The exercise part is also key. I have been all over the place in my life with fitness, from cheerdancing (yes, you read correctly), to softball, to three-sport athlete, to non-athlete, to obsessive runner and spinner. Basically fitness has gone from something to do to something to live for and right now it’s purpose and focus are a little muddled. I have been keeping up with my strength training class because I love it but with yoga and cardio I’ve been a little flakey. It’s time to set some goals for myself and recommit myself to getting fit for my mind, body and soul. I want to be be strong and proud of who I am a huge part of that for me is taking care of my body getting it to a place of real health and well-being. I’m working on correcting some of my negative thoughts and reminding myself of all of my accomplishments with thus far. So here it is: my commitment to my health and well-being; time to pick up, get moving, and take care of myself to move forward. Time to start living each day like I mean it and feeling good again; knowing there will be hard times but that I have the ability and support to keep pushing through.

So how did I get going and move forward today?

Trip to a year-round farmer’s market with my mom.

(source) Some group power with my best friend, Kristina.

And an evening at the movies with one of my oldest friends to see The Fighter before Oscar night!

Ok friends that’s all for tonight, I need some rest before a weekend of learning 🙂 Have a great night and happy Friday!

lots of love,


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2 Responses to Successfully Distracted

  1. erica says:

    omg where did you get those flats?! they are SO cute!!

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