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Hi everyone!

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all 🙂 I know this day get’s mixed reviews, but for me it’s always a day filled with love from friends, families, and the past two years with the wonderful guy in my life. Tonight was a family night and I had a Valentine’s Day pasta dinner with my Mom and Aunt:



It was nice spending the evening with the family that show me so much love and support on a daily basis. After we ate pasta and homemade gluten-free turkey meatballs, we went upstairs to my share some homemade dark and white chocolate covered strawberries with my grandparents. My grandparents are approaching their 65th wedding anniversary, they are the epitomy of true life-long love. 

Tomorrow I am lucky enough to have a date planned with my guy to celebrate Valentine’s Day. We will be eating great food, drinking yummy drinks, and enjoying a special night for just us. We are leaving to visit Austin, TX next Friday and I could not be more excited! 

Part of the reason I have so much excitement and joy in my life right now has been my participation in the ToneItUp! Love your Body challenge. I had been looking at the site and the plan for a while…this challenge came along at the perfect time when I had been indulging too much over the holiday and feeling like I needed to make some changes in my life. The challenged focused on increasing cardio by running/walking/riding 100 miles by Valentines Day and increasing lean muscle. The challenge also focused on self-care, which is a huge part of my personal and career focus. Another really helpful part of the ToneItUp program is the online community. Have community and accountability is invaluable in making a big life change. That being said, I’d like to discuss what I alluded to in the title…

A few day’s ago, Alyssa over at GlutenFreeMuse posted about starting a blogging group. The group would be to find community, accountability, and help increase blog-traffic by promoting and supporting one another. I am excited for this as I really want to get my blog back in action, but, like with my fitness challenge, need support to do so.  If this sounds interesting to you, please check out Alyssa’s post and contact her or myself .


Happy Valentine’s Day everyone and show love to the people you care about today and every day!!




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  1. Thanks for posting about the group!! Hvae you gotten any other feedback??

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