Real love

Good Evening Friends,

This is super late for me to be posting (11:30, on a MONDAY) but I wanted to catch you all on here before Valentine’s Day was over. I have to be honest, I was absolutely dreading this day. I was going to go all anti-Valentine’s Day and be angry and wear black or something (emo, I know). But I had a change of heart over the last 24 hours and today ended up being one of my best days in a while. My day started off with this from my Dad:

I woke up and had it set in mind that I was getting back to the my favorite class at the gym, Group Power. I had been missing out on it the past six week due to the Fit Blogger Challenge. It was great to get back to the class and it definitely kick started my day. After it I decided to do 20 minutes on the treadmill to get in a good workout.

While working out I decided I wanted a breakfast to fill me with a some love for the day

Strawberry-banana heart oats 🙂 I topped it with both Barney Butter and Teddie’s Peanut Butter because I couldn’t decide which I loved more (Teddie’s won today, but it goes back and forth).

I was also greated with a few other Valentine’s Day treats today

Love and cookies from my Mom, Dad and grandparents.

What made today such a special and love-filled Valentine’s day? It was realizing how much I am loved and cared for by my family and friends. Instead of sitting and being sad and feeling unhappy about the day, I took in the small gestures and gifts from my family and friends and allowed them to fill me up and make me feel loved and whole. Last night I received a bottle of wine and few other treats from my two best friends. They also wrote me an amazing card which said “We hope you enjoy this Valentine’s Day with the knowledge that we truly love you 365 days of the year. You are amazing, beautiful, loving, and kind.” Words can do so much more for you than roses or chocolate ever could 🙂

This evening I ended up out with six guys 😉 They were all my friends from growing up and they had decided to get a few drinks to not celebrate Valentine’s Day..they called it a Happy Monday celebration. It was so great to catch up with old friends and to be having too much fun talking and laughing to think about all the other things in life.

The best part of this day was just being happy and realizing how I am seen and loved through the eyes of others. As we journey through life, we may go through times when we don’t really love ourselves or love our lives; it’s these times that we need to reach out to family and friends and gain their perspective on how they view us. One of my friends in particular looked at me and said “Em, you’re a great person and you’re doing just fine, don’t be so hard on yourself.” I’m grateful for that because for the first time in a while, I really listened to someone when they said that.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone, hope it was filled with love 🙂



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2 Responses to Real love

  1. Perfect proof that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about romantic love…it can be love of all kinds, just love in general 🙂

    You have a great family and friends, you are very lucky!

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