I decided there was not appropriate title for this so here I go…

I have been really caught up in the monotony, beauty, and joy of life lately.


I have been working my “big-girl” job a year and realizing that the real world isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. I have this beautiful and vague yet richly detailed idea of what I see for my life. I am so very passionate about health, wellness, fitness, and living life to the fullest. Having a master’s in counseling psychology and living in the Boston-area, I hoped I would find the perfect job that mixes health and wellness, young adults and life-transitioner’s. I want to help people discover who they want to be and how to get there. In some ways I do this every day at my job but I often feel so restricted.

photo 4

I’ve also fallen in love in the past year and in a big way. I’ve found the guy I want to be with forever…something I never thought would happen. I don’t say this to gush, but to say that it’s teaching me a lot about where my values lie. I am with a guy who supports my dreams, big and small…he see’s my potential and can decipher how all my ramblings are somehow cohesive. We share similar values and goals, including having a home and a family some day.


I am coming to see how much money dictates life and I hate it. I want to be happy and create but that comes with a cost. We want to move in and move forward but it all takes time. So what do I do with all that time?

I want to cultivate myself as a person more fully. I want to realize my career more vividly.  I want to use this blog as a tool to convey my health, wellness, and food passions alongside my journey to who I am becoming.

photo (26)


❤ Em

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