Mindfulness…a refresher

Hi Friends,

I’ve noticed lately how much life is passing me by while I’m not caring to notice. Week-in, week-end, month to month and season to season…time is flying. I, as so many of us are, am in a phase where I am focusing on the future…where I want to be and that I’m just not there yet. As I’ve discussed before, I struggle with anxiety, which, among many other things, tends to get us caught up in the what the future will bring and worries about things that are just plain TBD. I have also noticed that have a smartphone and being on a computer most of the day, I am allowed to disconnect from the present and fill my mind with distracting information (not the healthiest coping skill). Thankfully, I have cultivated my internet musings into a myriad of health, wellness, foodies, and fitness resources that can often serve to inspire and motivate (I like to believe I have a wonderfully curated and extensive Pinterest account). Thanks to the lovely people at Greatist, I was lead to this great go-to for the need for a how-to of a mindfulness practice. Since this blog is called Mindfully Emily and all, I thought some of you would enjoy this reminder:

How to Transform Negative Thoughts with Mindfulness Mediation by Courtney Gregory

I have also been cooking up a storm lately…hope to have some recipes and foodie stuff up soon!



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