Sunday something’s

Good evening everyone,

Hope you had a great Sunday! It was very chilly in New England today! I had dreams of going on a run but after my drive home from Eric’s at 8 a.m. and a strength training workout in the warmth of my home, I kissed those dreams buh-bye! I actually can really feel that I have been working out my body more and that it is in need of some rest. I am going to try to make sure I balance workout days with rest days so that I don’t get physically or mentally burnt out.

After my workout and shower I was absolutely starving! Sometimes hunger hits you hard and this morning it did. I was wanting warm protein comfort so I went with my favorite fall stand-by:

Pumpkin Pie Protein Oats

After some brisk leaf-raking outside with my mom, we headed face BJ’s and Trader Joe’s on the weekend before Thanksgiving (craziness)!! Some purchases from TJ’s I’m excited about: broccoli slaw, cranberry chevre, salmon and tilapia, and the acorn squash that was featured in my dinner.

Post shopping snack:

A macoun apple with lotsa cinnamon 🙂

No sooner did I snack than my mom suggested I get going on my dinner; the chili (non-veg) my dad was making was almost ready to eat! I got going by slicing and scooping my acorn squash:

Sliced up and sprayed lightly with cooking spray and topped with salt and pepper

This little half-sun got some cinnamon…I love sweet and savory tastes!

Canned black beans reheated with Kombu (thanks Lindsay) to help my digestion!

Some greens and ‘shrooms for good measure

All together now (and missing a few bites), a simple and wonderfully filling dinner. I went back for seconds and thirds and suddenly there was no more acorn squash 🙂


On a bit of a serious note I have a confession: I have been totally and subconsciously obsessing over my 5-year High School Reunion this Friday. I know, silly, it’s just a 5-year reunion and it was just high school. But for some reason, no matter what your age, reunions bring to mind thoughts of weight, fitness, body image, accomplishment, and generally impressing others. Why is it such a big deal to show up 10 lbs lighter or having been super successful in 5 years (I’m really not as worried about this one, I am content with where I am) but really, why? I was hoping that I would magically lose the 5-8 lbs that have crept on in the last 6 months but, really, losing that much weight at my current weight isn’t some Biggest Loser weekly weigh in…and neither should it matter. I am the wonderful, kind, loving, passionate person that I am no matter what my weight, hair color, or employment status. In reality, my focus right now is to exercise to decrease the stress in my life and be happy and healthy. So with that as my goal, I am going to get excited for my reunion for two reasons: 1) I am hosting a fabulous dinner party for my best girls before it 2) There will be tons of fun and laughs catching up with some awesome people that I haven’t seen in a while.

Just to enforce my point about loving your body and finding your happy weight

Have a great night everyone and get excited for a short work and school week!

lots of love,


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  2. Savvy says:

    I can totally relate to this – I have my five year coming up too and deep down I’m so curious to see what people think of how I’ve changed!!

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