New sushi spot

Good morning everyone!

Hope everyone is having a great first weekend of November! I am definitely in much better spirits after my prep and procedure 🙂

Last night Eric and I had our first real date night in a while. Lately our date nights have been our local and usual spots due to our mutual lack of money and my lack of time. So we decided to take a little drive to Reading and check out Mandarin. Don’t let the simplistic website fool you; this place was awesome! From the service to the atmosphere to the food, all really great. The restaurant has both Chinese and Japanese cuisine, which means that Eric and I went for sushi, of course 🙂

We each started off with a beverage:

Cabernet Sauvignon for me

And a scorpion bowl for Eric (to which our waiter replied, “ohhhhh, I like him!!”)

We got our favorite soup to start:

Miso soup! This was one of the best bowls of miso I’ve ever had…not overpowering on the miso but really fresh with all the scallions and seaweed.

We each got a salad, too:

I got the seaweed salad which was awesome. The sesame dressing had just enough flavor without drenching the salad. There were also julienned cucumber on the bottom that made it really refreshing.

Eric got his usual house salad with ginger dressing.

I got an appetizer and roll for my entree. The appetizer was called Naruto, which was crab-stick with avocado wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber in I think a rice wine vinegar sauce (it was clear and I’m not totally sure, but it was sweet):

This was really light but filling, too. It was nice to have a sushi roll without the rice. I put a little soy sauce on it to get the sweet and salty taste. It was a little difficult to pick up with chop-sticks, I ended up requesting a fork (Eric laughed at me because he’s a chop-stick pro).

And then there was my California Roll:

Sorry for the blurry picture! Definitely one of the freshest California rolls I have ever had.

Eric got two rolls for his entree, the Red Sox Maki (eel, crab, avocado wrapped with spicy tuna and row on top) and a Salmon Roll:

It was Eric’s first time trying eel (he’s so brave! I’m still too scared) he said that it was very filling and also he wants to try it as sashimi (alone) next time.

My meal left me super full but not feeling weighed down or stuffed. It was a great date night place and we will definitely be back (I said it should be a once a month or so treat for us due to the price) but very worth the drive.

This morning we got in a solid 30 minute run in the cool morning air. I really like running with Eric, he’s a great motivator and a really strong runner (but able to slow down for me). We have a few plans for the day and hopefully I will have some photos for your later!

Have a great Saturday!

lots of love,


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