Fresh start

Good afternoon everyone!

Hopefully your week is starting off smoothly and maybe even super happy and awesome 🙂 After my week last week, which consisted of boring food and a lot of sitting around, I decided to dive right into my week by getting a few goals checked off my list:

1) Be at the doctors office bright and early to get blood-work done.

Ever since finding out about my low iron (which came from lab results circa June 2009) I have been wanting to get an update and see how its going. I have been working really hard to make sure that just because I am no longer eating meat (pescatarian style my friends) I am still getting in good sources of iron. Thanks tremendously to my work with Lindsay, I have been learning to incorporate meat-free iron sources such as dark leafy greens, beans, dried apricots, cashews, and potatoes. I am also checking on my cholesterol levels as that was in the high range back in ’09 and which is hereditary in my family (the girl who does not eat meat, cheese, or dairy).

2. Get to the gym and get into a Group Power Class

This has been a goal of mine for weeks now! I have been talking a lot on the blog about getting into the gym and getting dedicated to fitness.  I knew that this class would be something I would really love (60 minutes of strength training with a dumbbell that focuses on a specific muscle group for each 4-minute song) but had been letting nerves and a bit of fear get in my way of going. I am SO happy that I went today and am definitely planning on making Group Power a part of my weekly fitness routine. I also have been getting back into my interval training with running…hopefully spinning will be back soon, too!

3. Brighten up my work space:

This frame will hang right above my desk in my room. I took some of the flower shots that I had taken on my photo excursions with Eric and brightened up this frame that had some boring black and whites from years ago. I plan on continuing to make my room a little more personal (including more of mine and Eric’s photography) to make me feel happier there as the long winter months set in.

4. Cleanin’ out my closet…

If you were wondering, that was probably one of the only Eminem references you will get on my website (unless we’re talking nicknames that my friends give me, M&M is one of them). Say buh-bye to my summer and unwanted clothing. Say hello to a cleaned-out and color-coordinated (thanks Mom) closet:

5. Getting back to fresh and healthy meals:

A veggie-burger salad for lunch (pickles included). Now that my prep diet and colonoscopy are over I am SO excited to be eating veggies again! All it takes is a few days of being banned from fruits and veggies to remind me how much I love making them the focal point of my meals. To make sure this happens even of my busiest of substitute teaching days or grad school nights I prepared myself a big batch of soup:

This veggie-licious bad-boy includes parsnips, carrots,  celery, mushrooms, sweet potato, spinach, brown rice, and chickpeas….can we say hello fiber 🙂 Maybe I should send some to Mama-Pea as she recovers from her Foodbuzz Fest eats 🙂

6. Keep on keeping on with the grad school group projects (x3) research.

Enough said.

7. Meditate.

This has been lacking in my life lately and I need to refocus and re-center my practice to a daily habit 🙂

I still have a good amount of research work and meditation to get through this afternoon so I am calling this post finished to get on that.

What are you goals that you have for yourself today or this week? How do you best attack your Mondays, ease in or dive in head first?

Hope everyone has a great afternoon!!

lots of love,


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1 Response to Fresh start

  1. Nice list of Monday accomplishments! I am constantly making lists of things to get done during the week, sometimes they happen sometimes they don’t but that’s life I suppose 😉 What’s the recipe for that soup – it looks so good!

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