Savoring the sunshine

G00d afternoon everyone!

So yesterday I left off with hopes of heading over to Whole Foods but then I remembered my dwindling budget. I received my LAST paycheck from my old job yesterday and realized that going to WF could spiral into a foodie spending-spree that I just was not capable of. So I instead went to a local health food store that I pass by almost daily and never give a second thought. I went in and found tons of great organic, healthy, vegan, and fun products. I really was hoping to find spelt flour because I have been finding so many good recipes lately that include it, luckily they had some! I came home and started out with a simple but fun recipe for spelt crackers.

Spelt Crackers

(c/o Smitten Kitchen and MA based Hungry Ghost Bread)


1/4 salt

1/2 cup cold water

1 1/4 cups spelt flour

Sea Salt and Sesame Seeds for flavoring

Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Dissolve the salt in the cold water, then mix the water in with the spelt flour until you form a ball of dough. Spread out the dough atop and overturned 12″ by 17″ baking sheet (ungreased) until it is thin and even.

Spray water over the dough and sprinkle with sea salt and sesame seeds. Bake the crackers for about 25 minutes or until crisp. My one error was not scoring the dough for even crackers, but hey, imperfection is beauty, right!

They weren’t super flavorful, but they are a great and healthy cracker to use for dips and hummus (which I will be making some of this weekend).

After the crackers, I moved on to some social activities for the evening. I met up with my good friend Kristina for some tea and grad-school gabbing. We are both in grad programs right now, she is in a program for Social Work and mine is for Counseling Psychology so it is GREAT to have someone close who I can talk and vent with and we both really understand the other. After seeing Kristina, I headed home and realized that I was famished. I had somehow not really had much to eat since my post-run brunch and was a little on the shaky, hangry, crazy side. Dinner will be described in words because I devoured it before realizing the camera was within arms reach. Dinner consisted of an Amy’s All-American veggie burger topped with balsamic sauteed portobella, tomato, and lettuce served with a sweet potato…there’s your healthy-vegan burger and fries people 🙂

The second social activity of the evening was meeting up with Jackie and Jason for drinks and appetizers (yah post-dinner app’s) at Soma.

(The two of them at Nachopalooza)

Jason just got back from an amazing trip out to Boulder, CO where he did some amazing hiking, biking and just peaceful relaxation and contemplation. I think the reason that Jason and I are such good friends is his incredible perspective on life. He is very much into Reiki and I really love the idea of Eastern type of medicine and healing being incorporated into Western life. He is really supportive of my grad program knowing that I have big plans for my degree and licenser once I get there. He brought Jackie and I a few gifts back from the trip and I thought I’d share mine with all of you:

This book gave me the biggest smile. If you cannot tell from my pictures, I am definitely on the shorter side, standing just shy of 5’1″. The title gave me a smile but it was the description on the back that I loved. The book is described as:

“A practical and spiritual guide to fulfillment, it reframes the search for happiness, meaning and success by offering new perspectives derived from old wisdom. It illustrates that happiness is found in “the small”–in celebrating the precious small gifts of ordinary life and in experiences the sacred in all aspects of life.

That is a wonderfully perfect description of the way in which I hope to live my life. I really cannot wait to get into this book, slowly, after I get past some of the heavy reading that I have. Jason also gave me this necklace which had a wonderful quote on the back:

Love the idea of that, I can’t quite put it into words but it’s the sort of quote you want to keep with you all of the time to be inspired.

As for today, seeing as it topped out at 87 degrees, I felt like it was a day that had to be seized, the sunshine must be savored before it all slips away! I decided that I wanted to get out on my bike, something I haven’t done for a few weeks now. I also knew I wanted to get in a little strength  work, what’s a girl to do??

I got on my bike and rode 5.83 miles to the gym; it was definitely a hot and humid one so I stuck by the ocean for the sea breeze and kept the ride on the shorter side. Once at the gym I went inside and did about 20 minutes of strength focusing mainly on arms. After being cooled off for a few minutes I headed back out and biked the remaining distance home for a total of 8.93 miles.

A little sweaty and hot but happy nonetheless. I was also STARVING again when I got home…I guess that apple sauce and few almonds did not hold me over for the afternoon. I headed inside and was met by this cute little guy:

A teeny local macoun apple (one of my favorite varieties). A friend of ours went apple picking and gave us a few from his supply. I enjoyed that little guy with some almond butter and lots of water.

Apple in the sunshine 🙂

Love fruit and veggie photography…I think there will be much more to come this fall.

For now I must shower up and get going to meet up with Eric and determine our dinner plans for the evening. Possible cuisines include Thai, Seafood, Japanese, or Pizza…we shall see!!!

Before I go, I wanted to leave you with another quote which came with my necklace that I think is one to live by and what the idea of Mindfully Emily is really all about:

“do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the present moment” -buddha

Have an awesome Friday night everyone, let me know your thoughts on food photography or any of my quotes 🙂

lots of love,


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  1. I love the sunshine 🙂 I don’t want winter to take it away!!

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