Soaking up the sun

Good evening friends,

How’s your week starting off?? I have to say that mine is going pretty well! I mean, how can you not enjoy a day where you afternoon is spent doing some of this:

I actually had a pretty busy Monday, as my internship starts to become my main focus. I woke up around 7:15 to get to my 8:30 group power class. The class itself began a little late so I was running out at 9:30, missing the abs and stretch tracks. I got home and made myself a quick bowl of oats with banana, blueberries, and Sun Warrior. Then it was a shower and on to the next thing.

I went to an appointment at 11 and got home around 12:15, just enough time to put a top coat of dark purple polish on my nails and soak in some sunshine. A quick lunch later and I was on the road to my internship. Today was our first group supervision meeting. Group supervision is a weekly 1 1/2 hour block dedicated to discussing how we are doing as interns and how the adolescent groups that we will be leading are going. We don’t start our groups for another month, after we complete our training on the mini-dirt bikes. More on that once I’ve started 🙂

I got back home around 4:45 and returned outside for some reading and sunshine. My mom came home and we decided on dinner, turkey burgers with sweet potatoes and kale from our garden:
This dinner was sooo good! These burgers were frozen from about two weeks ago when we made turkey burgers for the first time. We had pre-seasoned them so they just needed to be thawed and popped on the grill. They were a tiny bit dry but it’s necessary to make sure they are cooked to an internal temp of 165 (no salmonella for me, thanks). The garden kale was so so yummy; steamed and tossed with some Bragg’s 🙂

After dinner I decided that a 77 degree evening just couldn’t be wasted, who knows how many more we’ll get! I went for a walk around the neighborhood and called Jill to catch up (she recently moved to Philly and is starting her second year of her grad program at a new school).  Here are some photos from my walk:

 Tell me: how was the weather where you live tonight? Did you get outside to enjoy the day?

Have a good night everyone, Go Pats!!

lots of love,





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