It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Happy Monday everyone 🙂

It’s happy because it is my last week of classes (just two more) and it’s Christmas this week!! I loooove Christmas time because I get to spend so much wonderful quality time with all of the people that I love. Yesterday was another cookie bake (mostly my mom and aunt) and most of our family ended up over for dinner. It just seems like this time of year people are always gathering together and I just love that.

Today was my first official cookie tray delivery! I decided to visit my old work and spread some holiday treats and cheer. The spread:

Chocolate covered toffee squares, Nut Balls, Christmas Cookie Doughballs (recipe c/o MamaPea), and on the bottom there are some of our family’s famous Molasses Cookies. It was so nice to see some of the people that I have missed so much over the past few months. It is definitely bittersweet to think that there are a whole group of people that were a part of my life nearly every day that I almost never see. I know that not working has been really beneficial for me this semester but I have a soft spot for that job and the people that I worked with.

In the hour that left my house and returned home we were suddenly in the middle of the year’s first snow!

Looking out the kitchen’s Christmas-y baywindow at the snow falling…love it 🙂 I always say that my future home will have at least one bay window…I love them, especially the ones that have seats in them 🙂

The snow is continuing to fall into the evening and I am getting geared up (and bundled up) for my last Research Methods class 🙂 We presented our project for this class last week and it came out awesome! My group and I never expected things would turn out so well. Our research proposal is being passed in tonight, 30 pages on using exercise as a treatment or depression. I am so proud of our work and SO glad that it is done!

I have to get moving because the first snow ALWAYS means slow traffic and terrible driving. Have a great evening everyone!

lots of love,


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