Yoga, sunshine, and pumpkin carving!

Good evening everyone!

It was another gorgeous day in New England, how lucky are we to have temperatures in the 70’s in late October!! Love. it.

I started off my day by hitting the mat:

I decided to turn my upset tummy morning into a good day for some yoga; I love that no matter how I’m feeling, some form of yoga always works for me 🙂

In the early afternoon I was out running some errands and gave my mom a call. She was at a Starbucks nearby and had a little while to go before her lunch break was over. We sat in the sunshine, chatted, and soaked up the beauty of the day. Neither of us wanted to go back to work/school but we enjoyed the few moments spent together.

When I got home I decided to sit outside for a bit and enjoy the gorgeous weather before class stole it away from me:

I was all smiles today:

And my toes were happy, too. Love bare feet:

The sky was so gorgeous:

But sadly, class was starting soon and I had to hit the road. What got me through a 2 1/2 hour class on a gorgeous day? Thoughts of Thai food, Glee Rocky Horror, and PUMPKIN CARVING with ERIC!

My little orange guy:

And my big, goofy guy:

It was dirty work, but we loved every second of it! And how could we not to the sounds of Time Warp with the Glee Cast 🙂 Ahhh how I love Tuesday nights!

And the finished products:

Eric’s is on the left and mine is on the right 🙂

Question: Do you get into holiday traditions? What’s your favorite thing about Halloween??

I actually love giving out candy to kids the best. It’s fun to be at the house and greet them at the door and hear all the cute little “trick or treat’s”!

Have a great night everyone, tomorrow’s Hump Day, wooo!!!

lots of love,


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1 Response to Yoga, sunshine, and pumpkin carving!

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day 🙂

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