Child’s play

I think today was a pretty silly day all around 🙂

Jackie and I worked together and we were both pretty hyper getting ready for school to begin. She’s starting nursing school and has orientation tomorrow. I am so happy for her and proud; she’s been applying to programs for three years now and finally got a break. She’s worked so hard and wanted it so badly, she’s definitely a great example about keeping a positive attitude and staying motivated despite setbacks. Jackie has showed me that if you want something bad enough, you can make it happen.

So all day we both kept looking at our schedules and talking about our new classes. We even wrote down each other’s schedules so we could coordinate free-days/afternoons to go to yoga or go running together 🙂 It’s one of my favorite things about Jackie; she loves to get outdoors and be active with me!

This is after our first 5k of the summer; she’s signing up for the next one I have coming up in two weeks!

Speaking of school excitedness/nerdiness, look what “textbook” came in the mail today:

Seriously, this is why I love my grad program! I am taking a course this semester entitled “Psychology of Illness and Wellness;” we will be studying the effects of mental health and well-being on physical health. This is a topic of psychology that truly interests me and I am so excited to take this course and see how the material affects my grad track and career path. I’ve been second guessing myself and my choice to do this program lately (shouldn’t I just drop out and open a bakery???) but Eric is being incredibly supportive, reminding me that I chose this career and program for a reason and the start of the semester is the change of pace that I need. I am grateful for him because he can not only meet me on my super-serious academic level, but also on this one:

After work got out I decided that I wanted to do something fun with my 10k training rest day and enjoy the beautiful summer weather and one thought came to mind: Mini-golf!

Silly boy thinks he can hide from the camera!!

Took a break from the action to take a picture together 🙂

We were neck and neck; so close! Emily purple, Eric blue.

Pretty scenery

In the end, the score card tells the truth (I WON!!). I think this is my favorite date for us because it allows us to be silly and just have fun. One of our first dates was playing mini golf; Eric showed up at my house and our outfits were alarmingly color coordinated. We ended up tying that night, which seems to happen much of the time. We get super competitive when we play games together, but it always makes it that much more fun.

Oh yes, and the best part of minigolf?

It’s owned by a wonderful local dairy farm/ice cream shoppe, Richardson’s. Although I don’t do dairy (lactose intolerant), they have wonderful raspberry sorbet which is my absolute favorite. Oh, and although I can’t technically eat ice cream, I did try a teeny-tiny sample of their fall special, pumpkin ice cream and it was AMAZING.  So this led to a few…

Recipe goals:

1) A less sugary, more healthy version of raspberry sorbet to make for a treat at home

2) Vegan pumpkin ice cream for the fall 🙂

Question for the evening: what’s your favorite date night or childhood activity that you still enjoy today?

Have a great night everyone! Now for some “Lie to Me” and a good night’s sleep to get ready for my 10k training tomorrow!!

sleep tight kiddies,


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3 Responses to Child’s play

  1. Danielle says:

    My favorite childhood activity that I still like to do today is… going on the swingset! I used to spend hours on the swings in my backyard as a kid, reading.

  2. My Hubby and I went on an amazing date in Oahu. Our first actually 🙂 He took me out to an Italian Restaurant followed by Coldstone and star gazing on Kailua beach. I think that is how I fell in love with him for good!


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