Friday Fitness Survey

Hi Friends!

How has your Friday been?? Mine has been a very on the go day! I went out Christmas Shopping with my mom and Aunt:

(The two of them on our trip to California in 2010)

We went to Target, HomeGoods, Sports Authority, Marshall’s, The Hallmark Store, Payless, and Trade Joes! I actually did not do too much buying, just a pari of Champion yoga pants (in short!) from Target for my mom and a few random items from HomeGoods for myself 🙂 My shopping is pretty easy this year, just my mom, dad, brother, and god daughter. I helped my mom pick out a few gifts including a gift for my little cousin, Abby, inspired by Pinterest!

Such a cute gift idea for an aspiring baker 🙂


I am currently on the couch with some tea, gearing up for my first Friday night out in Boston in over a month! Being a grad student, I am definitely not a typical, social 20-something on my weekends. That being said, I am really excited to be getting out tonight with some of my good friends. Before heading out I wanted to share a survey that I have been seeing around the blog-world today, enjoy!

Five Fitness Things I Can’t Live Without:

  • Body Pump
  • Running
  • Spinning
  • Yoga
  • Skiing

Most Embarrassing Song I Listen to While Working Out:

There is nothing that I listen to that I am ashamed of but one of my greatest workout tracks has to be “Wake Me Up Before You Go Go” by Wham!

Favorite Pre-Workout Snack or Meal:

Original Puffins…I go really light before I workout

On My Fitness Bucket List:

  • 10-miler or 15-k
  • Bike race
  • Hiking Mt. Washington
  • Skiing out west or abroad

Must Have Tech Tools:

  • iPod
  • MapMyRun App

Top Exercise Gear:

Motivational Mantras:

  • Running is a privilege
  • You’re stronger than you know

Favorite Cardio Exercise:

  • Running
  • Spinning
  • Walking

Favorite Strength Moves:

  • Chest Presses and Fly’s
  • Squats
  • Planks

That’s all, fill it out and leave me a comment with the link!! Happy Friday!!!


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On This Thanksgiving…

I woke up early and donned an outfit of spandex:

I posed for pre-race pictures with friends, in the 28 degree sunshine!

I ran 5 miles in 46:34, a PR for my first 5-miler 🙂 Oh, and the ocean views were gorgeous!

I came home and watched the parade with my lively and loving family:

I eventually took a shower and got dolled up:
I went into the garage to enjoy the food and family, under the Christmas lights:

I filled my plate with GF pork stuffing, brussels sprouts, kale, sqaush, and turkey, of course! With soup and sangria on the side 🙂

I raised a glass to my wonderful family who have loved and supported me, especially in the ups and downs of the last two years:

I looked over at my grandparents and was thankful that they have been there for so many of the big events of my life:
I admired and was thankful for my good genes, as proof by my 93 year old Grammy:

 And I witnessed a pardoned turkey and that put a smile on my face:

Unphotographed was the two servings of gluten- and dairy-free pumpkin pie and pear and cranberry crisp that I gobbled up 🙂

Tell me: what did you do to be thankful this year?


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Full-Day Wednesdays

Good evening friends!

Happy Hump Day! How has yours been? As usual, mine are a bit long but I was well prepared. The night before long days, I usually prep my lunch and dinner and have my bags packed. The less I have to do in the morning, the better. I woke up around 7 7:30 for an 8:30 spin class at the gym. Since our gym switched over to Les Mills classes (the company that creates Body Pump), there’s a few 30 minute spin classes which I love; they are quick, intense, and make me feel like I can get in my fitness without loosing my whole morning. After spin I came home and had a solid 2 hours to have breakfast, get ready, and transition to internship mode.

The great thing about afternoon-evening hours at my site is that I avoid traffic=way less stress. Traffic is just one of  those things that gets me frustrated…I know, I’m working on it 🙂 I got in at 11:45 for a 12 meeting, just enough time to prep my materials for my evening group to give myself a 15 minute break after the meeting. It’s all about the prep, people! I think I’ve mentioned this before, but my group involves an incentive program using dirt bike with middle school kids. Until this year, I had never rode a dirt bike or anything with a clutch for that matter. I struggle with new activities when I don’t pick up on them quickly; this is definitely an activity that is both new and challenging. I was feeling a bit less stressed about our group because my supervisor was co-leading a training, taking some of the pressure and responsiblity on me. The group went really well…until the point where the bike got away from me and I went crashing down on my shin. 

I’ll spare you the actual road rash pictures, they’re not pretty! It was a tough moment; trying to be a leader while wanting to cry my eyes out. Thankfully, my supervisor is a great group leader and amazing in a crisis; she delegated, redirected, and calmed me down. The great thing about middle school kids (yes, they are great!!) is that they are able to feel empathy without making it a huge deal; they under-react and move on quickly. I was grateful for my supervisors presence and even more grateful that my late evening client canceled. I drove my bum legged self home and reheated my pre-prepped dinner:

This is one of my favorite meals on the go: brown rice with steamed veggies, almonds, craisins, and today some fresh mango. I top it off with some Bragg’s Liquid Aminos (the gluten-free/health food alternative to soy sauce) and I’m good. Total prep time for this meal is about 15-20 minutes tops: 5 minute rice, chop the veggies, steam them in the microwave, throw together almonds and you’re good. It’s also great because it doesn’t necessarily need refrigeration thanks to it being meat-free.

Right now I have a full stomach, an elavated and iced leg, and am catching up on DVRed Parenthood (instead of being with a family therapy client…almost seems wrong).

Tell me: when was the last time you took a major spill?? Are you a klutz? I know I am!!

lots of love,


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Self-Care Series: Sleeping

Hi Friends,

I realize that I often talk about my own self-care practices on the blog but only in little snippets. My goal with this series is to take a look at different aspects and forms of self-care and help to explain how they work and how they can work for you. Although I am not an expert on any of these topics, I feel the information and experience I have gathered is something to be shared. Please leave me comments or messages regarding feedback about my posts or any question or insight you may have!


Sleep is essentially the bodies way to recharge and repair at the end of each day. To function at our best, experts suggest between 6-9 hours, depending on the person. Sleep is not just about quantity, however, it’s the quality that is important. Lately, I have been struggling to get quality sleep; while I am in bed 7-8 hours each night, I am often waking up and not getting into “deep-sleep.” This problem has lead me to examine my sleep habits and my sleeping environment; there are many factors about sleep that can be controlled for and lead to a better and more restful nights sleep.

1. Make your sleep space a place of comfort and relaxation:

A great sleep space has to appeal to you visually and also be functional. A good set of sheets and a comfortable mattress (or mattress pad) and pillows can do a lot to improve your sleep. You want sheets that can breathe and a pillow that supports your sleep style (side, back, or stomach sleepers each require different types of pillows).

2. Scents can be helpful to induce sleep and relaxation:

Lavender is a great scent for helping to induce sleep; I used Trader Joe’s Lavender Hand and Body Lotion. Some people prefer to use candles, oils, or linen sprays; any of these are great as long as they work for you. The purpose of having a scent, such as lavender, is twofold: not only does it help to illicit relaxation but it also is also a way to associate a certain smell with sleep.

3. A calming activity, such as reading or meditation, can be helpful in transitioning from a busy day to sleep.

The two things I do before getting in bed are a few minutes of deep breathing and a bit of leisure reading. Deep breathing, stretching, and meditation are great ways to calm the mind and body. Relaxation techniques such as these, when practiced regularly, are shown to relax the body in the midst of stress and anxiety. Leisure reading is also a great way to escape the events of our own lives and get wrapped up in some other place or space. The books I keep by my bed are light novels, inspiring self-help types (really recommend The Happiness Project), and the Bible.

4. Create separate spaces for separate activities.

To read, I sit in my chair with low lighting c/o my lap:

To do work I sit at my desk:

Separating spaces of work, relaxation, and sleep is so important. In my psych classes, I’ve heard several times that the bed is the place for only two things…and well, we’ve been talking a lot about one so I think you can guess the other! Living in my parents house, the only space I can really claim as my own is my room, so I have to make the most of it! That means having a desk/work area, a big comfy chair for reading and tv-watching, and of course my bed for sleeping. Your bed needs to be a place that you associate with sleep; if you find yourself waking in the night for longer than 20 minutes, the best solution is to get out of bed until you are tired again.

5. Fill your space with objects and images that give you peace:

My seaglass and seashell collection; a remind of my favorite getaway, the beach 🙂

Having items around your room that bring up positive images and memories is a great way to create a relaxing environment. The items can be souvenirs, photos, inspiring quotes, or framed pictures; any items that conjure up good feelings. I like to collect quotes and sometimes buy cards or paintings with inspiring sayings; good thoughts for good dreams. A great source for these is Quotable Cards which I love to buy single ones of and frame them.

A final tip is to dress for comfort; clothing and room temperature really matter in terms of good sleep. Your room should be cooler than 68 degrees and be mindful of having too many clothing layers, which can cause you to wake up feeling over heated. Having a great nights sleep requires different things for different people, but having a peaceful and relaxing place is a great start.

Tell me: what helps you relax and be reading for bedtime?

Have a great night and get some rest!

lots of love,


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Capt’s Salem with Boston Food Bloggers

Good morning!

I am writing this post from the comfort of my bed, what a love way to start a Friday! Last night was a much needed break from my norm routine and a wonderful foodie night out. Thanks to my recently joining Boston Food Bloggers I was able to get in on a fabulous dinner at Capt’s Waterfront in Salem, MA. The wonderful Annie of Thomson Communications was our connection and guide to this culinary experience.

The meal began with sample of Capt’s appetizer’s. Some of my favorites included the Buffalo Chicken Cornucopia:

I am actually not typically a buffalo chicken fan, too spicy, but this was moist, flavorful, and with just enough spice to get a kick but not overwhelm.

The next appetizer I loved was the Composed Mediterranean Salad:

This plate included marinated mushrooms, mozzarella, artichokes, and roasted red pepper. Definitely a great dish to share for an app with a group.

Other app’s included the Lobster Risotto:

There was also a plate of mussel’s which I did not get to try but looked great! In between app’s we were able to meet the owner who told us about his own story and the restaurants evolution. As a local, it was interesting to hear about the ups and downs of the place and how it has become the restaurant it is today. I have to say that I had not really been sure I wanted to try it for a while when it started out, but after tonight I will definitely be coming back. Capt’s is both an awesome seafood destination on the North Shore as well as a really great Steak restaurant. The food is cooked on a charcoal grill which not only adds a great smell and ambiance to the restaurant but also makes for an incredible meal. That being said, on to my main course which was the grilled salmon with jasmine rice and mixed vegetables:

The salmon was seriously the star of this meal. It was fresh, moist, and so so flavorful from the charcoal grill. I do have to say that the rice was really good with the addition of fresh chives but, hey, I am a simple girl sometimes and always love rice in any form 🙂 I usually drench my salmon in lemon juice but this salmon needed absolutely nothing. Kevin from The Mighty Rib had a bite and agreed! He also let me try a bite of his Sushi Grade Tuna with sweet soy and spicy wasabi drizzle:

It was also delicious, the charcoal flavor really came through. I got a bit of the sweet soy and that was a great accompinament; I skipped the spicy wasabi drizzle after Kevin reacted to the intensity of the heat.

Other meals included Tara from Wine Me a River’s Sea Scallops with Roasted Red Pepper Risotto:

And Annie’s 12 o. New York Strip Steak which really looked incredible:

Alicia, one of the two mom’s behind Mom Tidbits, who is also dairy free like me, ordered the crab cakes which she reported were intensely full of crab rather than filler and breadcrumbs:

By the time we were done with our entrees I don’t think any of us thought dessert was possible but, hey, we were game and it was there:

The Carmalized Apple Cheesecake, which I for obvious reasons did not try, stole the show for everyone. I believe Kevin described it as “the best cheesecake” he had ever tasted. Another star dessert was the Pear and Cranberry seasonal fruit tart which I snuck a bite of the filling:

It was spicy, warm, and delicious, a great fall dessert!

I am so greatful to Boston Food Bloggers , Capt’s Waterfront, and Rachel Blumenthal for organizing this event. It was such a great opportunity to meet some wonderful people and try some amazing food. I became a bit more inspired by blogging and the community and excited to experience more of the Boston food scene 🙂

Have a great day!


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Happy Halloween!!!

Good evening friends!

How’s your Halloween going so far?? I’ve been off to a busy morning and a condensed afternoon in wake of tonight’s fun 🙂 I woke early this morning to get in a 7 a.m. Body Pump class at the gym. There were a few new tracks which I liked and my butt and hamstrings are definitely feeling it! Our gym recently switched from the Group Power to Body Pump classes and I am enjoying the change. The tracks on Pump are more originals than the cover songs from Power. The songs are also a bit more consistent in routine but much more challenging. Definitely getting used to being more sore after the class 🙂

After pump I came home for an inevitable Halloween breakfast, pumpkin oats!

This bowl consisted of 1/2 cup gluten-free rolled oats, ~1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Organic Pumpkin (a great one, really liked the taste and texture), 1 banana, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice. Added later was some almond butter mixed with almond milk and a dollop of Trader Joe’s fig butter. It was a great and festive way to begin my Halloween 🙂

Halloween is a great day for treats but since cutting dairy and gluten out of my diet, I often am not able to have my old favorite treats (reese’s cups, M&M’s, twizzlers). Thankfully, the other day a box o’ treats arrived at my door:

My Cook.Vegan.Lover Care Package from the lovely Kara of The Daily Whisk. Kara did a fabulous job and I was thrilled with the contents of my care package:

The goods included Barney Butter, a Mighty Leaf Tea sampler, cacao nibs covered in dark chocolate, Vermont maple syrup cotton candy, dark chocolate covered almonds, a dark chocolate bar, gluten-free chocolate cookies, a Red Sox Fan pack (from a Yankees fan no-less!), candles, and an acorn squash from Kara’s neighbors garden!! I was  so excited by the squash, such a cute touch and one of my favorite fall veggies 🙂 Kara did such a great job with this care package…chocolate, nut butter, wonderful candles and Red Sox, too! The CVL care packages is one of my  favorite traditions, last year it got me a new friend in Megan of Go Places  ! Thanks so much Lindsay for putting this together!!

In other fun today, I came home early from my internship to some pumpkin treats:

Cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds

And the original salty seeds 🙂

My dad also made a big batch of venison stew which was amazing. He made a special point to use gluten-free beef broth which I was so grateful for because it was delicious!

The stew consisted of venison, carrots, turnips and potatoes, served with the last of the garden kale and swiss chard all steamed up! A great pre-trick-or-treaters meal! We also carved our pumpkins a little last minute:

My dad carved the top one and the bottom ones I drilled holes in for a polka dot effect c/o Pinterest 🙂

Now I’m curled up on the couch with a glass of Halloween wine:

Tell me: how did you celebrate Halloween???

Have a great night

lots of love,


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The run when I spit on my leg

Hi friends!

So to answer yesterday’s cliff hanger, I went running today!! Our professor let us out at 4 and I knew what I had to do…

Stop at Whole Foods on the way home! It was a necessary evil that resulted in a major score:

10 packets of Justin’s Almond Butter (8 regular, 2 maple)

1 jar of WF Creamy Almond Butter ($3.39, ummm yes please)

1 kabocha-type squash


Can you sense my excitement??? This stuff not only tastes absolutely amazing, but it’s also 70 calories per 1/2 cup serving….at 4 servings per pint, I can eat the whole thing guiltlessly if needed….and I almost did 🙂

Back to the run…

I got home at 5:00 to a house full of family and friends. I caught up with a few people and got to talking with Jackie and her sister, Natalie, about running. I got so pumped up for my run that I was ready to hit the pavement, and fast!

I knew I was only doing approximately a 5k, but I was started off at a pretty fast pace. I tried to slow it down a bit but I felt good so I just went with it. I am starting to feel a cold coming on, so at one point it was inevitable that I had to spit:

I think you can see the spit mark going across my leg…reaaaal attractive. Not only did I spit on myself (think: riding on a roller coaster and the spit coming back in your face) but I also reflexively reached down and put my hand on it, gross! I had to laugh though, these are the running moments that remind me that I’m human and how life is not so serious! It was much needed after a highly intense/emotional weekend course.

After my run I made a double batch dinner of grilled chicken, steamed kale/swiss chard/mushrooms, and a big sweet tater. I had half for dinner and packed the other half for tomorrow night at my internship 🙂

(see the smilie face??)

In keeping with the productivity and the fall weather, I transitioned over from my summer closet to my winter closet…a depressing but necessary chore. As a reward for my busy weekend and run, I have planted myself in front of the TV with Wedding Crashers (a top 5 favorite movie) and a bowl of blueberry sorbet with chocolate chips…yay Sunday Funday!

Tell me: what’s something that happen to you recently that made you laugh at yourself? Also, what’s your favorite buy at Whole Foods???

Have a great night everyone and good luck with your Monday!!

lots of love,


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Finding the gem in every day

Good evening friends,

Hows your fall weekend going?? It’s such a beautiful one here in the Boston area! Any people going out for the Head of the Charles Regatta?? While I am not enjoying the festivities, I am spending the weekend in Cambridge.

This weekend is the first of my two for my weekend-intensive course, Counseling Young Children and Adolescents. To say that it’s all fun and play-therapy games would be a total lie; lots of talk of childhood trauma, grief and abuse. As I am currently in my first year of a counseling internship, in addition to taking courses like this, I need to find ways to have self-care and release built in to each day. Todays included a few things:

A walk where I admired and soaked in the sunshine. Sitting in class for hours can really make you feel tired and lethargic. I try to get up and out during my break to get moving and feel alive. A friend and I walked down to some outdoor seating, had lunch, and grabbed some Starbucks on our way back. It’s also so important to talk to friends, vent, and just get your head out of the serious and heavy stuff. Hearing about childhood trauma for a few hours really does something to your mind and emotions.

(Picture from senior year of college, oh my!)

Call your best friend. On my way home, to relieve a bit more stress and feel in touch, I called my best friend Katlyn. It’s always great to hear the voice of someone who knows you inside and out. She and I can talk forever but unfortunately we don’t always have the time. Our half-hour talk was just what I needed to feel reconnected and grounded. It’s also good perspective to hear that someone else has a lot going on, too. We don’t sugar-coat anything which I need.

When all else fails, enjoy some pizza and wine 🙂 When I got home my mom had plans to make grill pizza and share some Pinot Noir. Honestly, just what I needed after the heavy day I had 🙂


I have been wanting to blog so much more lately but honestly, my life is scheduled from waking to bed (and I even schedule in sleep and meals)! I know everyone is busy and I in now way am complaining, but I have so much to say each day, just lacking the time to say it. I have time to blog before bed but am trying to limit my nighttime computer time to have better sleep. Any expert bloggers out there who have some advice, please share! I have one more class session all day tomorrow and then a month off. Really hoping to get in a run tomorrow, if you follow me on twitter (@emilya_b) please send me some words of encouragement, I’ll need it!

Have a great night and enjoy the weekend!

lots of love,


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Tufts 10k for Women

Good Evening Friends!

This post comes at you from one exhausted and sunburnt girl 🙂

“Oh heyyy!”

I started my day at 7:30 am, waking up and mentally preparing myself to run. I often get up early on race day to let my body wake up and do it’s thing…whatever that may be on that day.

My parents agreed to come in to Boston and cheer me on so around 9:30 we loaded up the car and got ready to go! It was nice to not be heading in by myself and took the ease off me to not be behind the wheel in Boston traffic on race day. By the time we parked and walked through the park the official warm up had started. I joined in for a bit but the heat was already killer and it was a little more jumpy than I usually am before I run; I’m such a creature of habit. We had some time to kill at this point so we walked around and surveyed the scene:

After some stretching, water guzzling, and a few bathroom trips (only use porta-potties at races, gross), it was time to line it up:

Thousands of women (and a few men) standing at the start, getting ready to run 6.2 miles in unseasonably hot 85 degree heat! To say that I was overwhelmed would be an understatement 🙂

The energy of this kind of race is infectious; despite the fact that it was hot out and I was definitely feeling subpar, the women around me lifted me up and kept me going. I’ve never been one for water stations but in this race they were necessary. The run took us through the streets of  Boston, across the Mass Ave. Bridge to Cambridge, up and down and back up Memorial Drive, and back over the bridge again to come back around. By the time we reached the bridge (between miles 4-5) I was feeling a little queasy. I took a walk break and was able to snap a picture:

The bridge was such an experience: intense with the heat and the slight incline, incredible with the views and the enthusiasm. I ended my walk about halfway across the bridge and ran the entire way through to the finish. As I ran down the home stretch to the last turn before the finish, I was definitely pumped up by the growing number of spectators and kids giving high-fives. As I took the final turn I began looking for my parents and getting energized by the site of the finish. I picked up my pace and when I finally found my mom and dad I broke into an all-out sprint. I crossed the finish line with an official time of 1:05:18; not my fasted 10k but definitely pretty amazing considering the heat! As I walked the post-race path I gathered water, powerade (regular and zero), a banana, a fruit cup, and a luna bar (which I later realized was not dairy-free). After a few phone calls and texts I found my parents:

Got some stuff???

I hadn’t been up for eating much pre-race, after I was ready for some snackage but mostly fluids. Post-race eats: banana, water, powerade, mini-Luna Bar, lemon slush, Puffins. Sooooo random! When I got home I foam-rolled and stretched, showered, read in the sunshine, and iced!!! By dinner time I was starving; a sushi-feast was the only way to settle that. No photos were taken of the food because it was inhaled!

At this point I’m too exhausted to hold my head up straight and I need to switch the ice from quads to glutes. Can’t believe how far I have come in a few short weeks; I am inspired by what my body is capable of!!

Tell me: when or how have your inspired yourself? What is one thing you have done that you never thought you were capable of?

Have a great night everyone, it’s time for some sleep!!



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A new norm

Good evening friends,

How’s your long weekend going so far? The weather here in New England is absolutely amazing, 70’s and 80’s all weekend long! Absolutely loving this flashback to summer 🙂 Today I got coffee with some of my girls and we sat outside, catching some rays; perfect Saturday afternoon.

So it’s been a while since my last post and I have to say, I’ve definitely been taking some time to adjust to my new norm schedule. Where I used to work 3-4 days a week at the hospital all summer, I now am at my internship 4 days a week, two of which I also have class. As for the other 3 days, they’re spent picking up shifts at one of my two part-time jobs or catching up on rest and homework. Although it’s a little crazy, I’m actually getting by quite well; I tend to thrive off of being highly scheduled as long as I know and respect my limits. 

How do I do this for my weekly life?

1) Make a schedule of on and off time.

Having a visual is a great way of knowing when and where you can fit in self-care activities. At the beginning of each semester I block out my time, Monday through Sunday, to see when I am at all of my different activities. I then can see all the opportunities, big and small, I have to fit in fitness, relaxations, or coffee with a friend 🙂 I put my workouts on there to keep myself on task with my goals; these are flexible depending on that day but it helps to keep my fitness balanced.

2) Pack the night before

This is crucial for me to get it all done! I tend to always be running late in the morning; knowing this about myself, I do my best to be prepared at night. I make and pack my lunch and snacks, lay out my clothes, and most imporantly pack my bag(s). On Thursdays, I need to have food and snacks for both internship and school, and bags for both as well. Although those are long days, knowing I have everything I need eases stress and helps the day run smoother.

Blurry, but that’s a pre-selected out-fit for a day at my internship!

3) Eat healthy and balanced meals

It’s no secret that a busy lifestyle can make it hard to eat right, but it’s not impossible. Having some go-to meals and remember your healthy-eating goals can still happen amidst the craze. My go-to breakfasts are oatmeal with fruit and nut butter or eggs for protein:

Snacks are usually a homemade trailmix of almonds, pepita seeds, dried fruit, and Puffins or some sort of fruit/veggie or a protein bar. My schedule allows me to be home for dinner most nights and those are always well-balanced protein, starch and veggies:

Tonight’s bun-less turkey burger with grilled veggies and a sweet potato.

4) Know your supports and use ’em!

I have come to learn that I can’t succeed without some support in my life to back me up. First off, family and friends; advice, hugs, laughs and love they give me the nurturance I need. I also see my own therapist once a week; so helpful for therapists in training and anybody who feels they need help coping with life’s ups and downs. I also have my faith as a constant form of support and guidance; I have just begun to attend church regularly again and I have found this so very helpful. Finally, mindfulness and meditation have been very helpful recently; stress has kept me from having restful sleep and having a meditation practice helps to clear my mind from racing thoughts. 

5) Keeping life fun

Any opportunity I get to do the things that make me happy and insert some fun into the routine, I jump on! Be it a quick coffee trip with the girls, a shopping trip with my mom and aunt, an impromptu late evening walk, or a sushi date with a friend; getting out of the norm is refreshing and rejuvenating!

At the end of the day, a good nights sleep is the best thing you can do to make all of these things possible. I am working tomorrow morning at 7 and right about now my bed is calling my name 🙂

Tell me: what keeps you calm, cool, and collected during busy times??

Have a great long weekend everyone! Be back with my 10k recap on Monday!

lots of love,


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