Back at it

Hi friends!

I meant what I said about wanting to write more! I have been really introspective lately of my own process and what mindfulness and wellness really mean to me. I re-read many of my old posts and was inspired by the passion and growth I have experienced in the last year. It’s a difficult thing to commend ourselves and accept that we’ve grown an changed; mostly because we are with ourselves all the time 🙂 Taking time and slowing down and writing, processing, reflecting, has allowed me this perspective.

So, I am back to taking care and paying more attention. As my life has change and my career has begun, those needs have changed a bit. My typical workday is 12-7 M-Th and 11-6 on Fridays. The great benefit of this is that I get to wake up and do my gym thing in the morning, stress free 🙂 Lately I have been running again, in prep for my Wild-Turkey 5-miler; I’m enjoying being back on the road and getting some me-time. Recently, though, I have noticed that I need more sleep than I have ever needed before. It took me a while and some consultation, but I realized that it’s normal and okay; my work requires a lot of mental processing while my body is in it’s sleep cycle. That being said, I’ve tried to use the time change as a way to get up a bit earlier so my mornings aren’t so rushed. I like to have a little me-time after gym to enjoy breakfast’s like these 



I recently purchased a new Ninja blender and am lovin’ smoothies in a bowl with a little raw oats 🙂

During my work day, I need to be able to recharge and keep moving. Most of my job involves being pretty sendentary. Luckily, my office is spread out a bit and there are many reasons to get up and walk around during the day. I am also on a large campus with a pond to walk around and a coffee shop a few buildings away. I try to make it a point to have a walk as part of my day. I also utilize my iPhone to listen to music and keep up with friends to get a break from the heaviness of my work. In terms of eating at work, this can be a problem as I have my own desk with a “snack drawer.” I’ve tried to pare down the drawer to essentials: almonds, applesauce, single-serve dark chocolate, tea, seltzer. My lunches and snacks are packed each night and I try to balance fruits, veggies, protein, and some healthy fats (cheese, avocado, homemade vinegarettes). Even on my most unprepared days, I try to throw a few staples together and supplement with health eats. Last week I was feeling a cold coming on so I packed some hummus, carrot sticks, and made some green tea with honey. On my way to work I purchased some veggie soup and Odwalla C-Boost Juice:


Last week’s immunity lunch 🙂

At the end of the day, I definitely enjoy coming home to unwind. Though catching up with friends afterwork can be stress-relieving and wonderful, often times I am craving my comfy pants and a good home-cooked meal. I try to focus on coming home and taking the time to prepare something. I have never been one to microwave meals or go for takeout as a default. Tonight was an early night and I came home and made dinner for me and my mom



Steamed kale with sauteed veggies, homemade sauce, and sweet Italian chicken sausage (plus some vino). 

I usually use post-dinner time to make lunch, unwind, and let go of work to have a good night’s sleep. On an ideal night this would be some internet time, reading, and a mug of sleepy-time tea. I have a few shows that I watch (Parenthood, Modern Family, The Voice) and sometimes there’s an evening treat of dark chocolate or frozen mangoes. 

So that’s where I am at. Working on taking my day one piece at a time. 

Tell me: What ways do you work on self-care throughout the day? How do you take more mindfulness into your food and wellness choices?

Have a great night!



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