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Hi Friends!

So as I posted last week, I am working on being more conscious and mindful of my food and fitness choices. I really want to feel my best as I enter the next phase of my life as a post-grad. To start being more aware of what I eat and how I feel, I am making it a goal to write it all down (and snap photos when possible). Food journaling is not just a useful tool to watch calories but it also helps to monitor how certain foods make you feel–energetic, tired, bloated, calm, etc. Our bodies are very intuitive; we often eat or avoid foods that make us feel less than stellar. Unfortunately, we we are busy, overworked, and overstressed we eat for comfort and for what is convienient and appealing. We rarely stop to ask our bodies “what do you want to eat right now” and “how does that food make me feel.” Enter, the food journal. By journaling our food, we stop and let become more aware, more mindful, and hopefully more health conscious. The goal of journaling is to realize that fruits and vegetables make you feel more energetic and full of life than thpizza and chips. So what are some of my recent eats?

Grilled Chicken Salad with brown rice

Eggs and oats, a breakfast staple

Almond butter and banana open-faced sandwich and apple, both topped with cinnamon!

A blurry picture of tonight’s salad topped with an avocado and turkey burger. Glass of sangria on the side to celebrate the arrival of summer weather 🙂

Tell me: what are your breakfast, lunch and dinner staples?? I am in need of fresh ideas!


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