On This Thanksgiving…

I woke up early and donned an outfit of spandex:

I posed for pre-race pictures with friends, in the 28 degree sunshine!

I ran 5 miles in 46:34, a PR for my first 5-miler 🙂 Oh, and the ocean views were gorgeous!

I came home and watched the parade with my lively and loving family:

I eventually took a shower and got dolled up:
I went into the garage to enjoy the food and family, under the Christmas lights:

I filled my plate with GF pork stuffing, brussels sprouts, kale, sqaush, and turkey, of course! With soup and sangria on the side 🙂

I raised a glass to my wonderful family who have loved and supported me, especially in the ups and downs of the last two years:

I looked over at my grandparents and was thankful that they have been there for so many of the big events of my life:
I admired and was thankful for my good genes, as proof by my 93 year old Grammy:

 And I witnessed a pardoned turkey and that put a smile on my face:

Unphotographed was the two servings of gluten- and dairy-free pumpkin pie and pear and cranberry crisp that I gobbled up 🙂

Tell me: what did you do to be thankful this year?


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