Capt’s Salem with Boston Food Bloggers

Good morning!

I am writing this post from the comfort of my bed, what a love way to start a Friday! Last night was a much needed break from my norm routine and a wonderful foodie night out. Thanks to my recently joining Boston Food Bloggers I was able to get in on a fabulous dinner at Capt’s Waterfront in Salem, MA. The wonderful Annie of Thomson Communications was our connection and guide to this culinary experience.

The meal began with sample of Capt’s appetizer’s. Some of my favorites included the Buffalo Chicken Cornucopia:

I am actually not typically a buffalo chicken fan, too spicy, but this was moist, flavorful, and with just enough spice to get a kick but not overwhelm.

The next appetizer I loved was the Composed Mediterranean Salad:

This plate included marinated mushrooms, mozzarella, artichokes, and roasted red pepper. Definitely a great dish to share for an app with a group.

Other app’s included the Lobster Risotto:

There was also a plate of mussel’s which I did not get to try but looked great! In between app’s we were able to meet the owner who told us about his own story and the restaurants evolution. As a local, it was interesting to hear about the ups and downs of the place and how it has become the restaurant it is today. I have to say that I had not really been sure I wanted to try it for a while when it started out, but after tonight I will definitely be coming back. Capt’s is both an awesome seafood destination on the North Shore as well as a really great Steak restaurant. The food is cooked on a charcoal grill which not only adds a great smell and ambiance to the restaurant but also makes for an incredible meal. That being said, on to my main course which was the grilled salmon with jasmine rice and mixed vegetables:

The salmon was seriously the star of this meal. It was fresh, moist, and so so flavorful from the charcoal grill. I do have to say that the rice was really good with the addition of fresh chives but, hey, I am a simple girl sometimes and always love rice in any form 🙂 I usually drench my salmon in lemon juice but this salmon needed absolutely nothing. Kevin from The Mighty Rib had a bite and agreed! He also let me try a bite of his Sushi Grade Tuna with sweet soy and spicy wasabi drizzle:

It was also delicious, the charcoal flavor really came through. I got a bit of the sweet soy and that was a great accompinament; I skipped the spicy wasabi drizzle after Kevin reacted to the intensity of the heat.

Other meals included Tara from Wine Me a River’s Sea Scallops with Roasted Red Pepper Risotto:

And Annie’s 12 o. New York Strip Steak which really looked incredible:

Alicia, one of the two mom’s behind Mom Tidbits, who is also dairy free like me, ordered the crab cakes which she reported were intensely full of crab rather than filler and breadcrumbs:

By the time we were done with our entrees I don’t think any of us thought dessert was possible but, hey, we were game and it was there:

The Carmalized Apple Cheesecake, which I for obvious reasons did not try, stole the show for everyone. I believe Kevin described it as “the best cheesecake” he had ever tasted. Another star dessert was the Pear and Cranberry seasonal fruit tart which I snuck a bite of the filling:

It was spicy, warm, and delicious, a great fall dessert!

I am so greatful to Boston Food Bloggers , Capt’s Waterfront, and Rachel Blumenthal for organizing this event. It was such a great opportunity to meet some wonderful people and try some amazing food. I became a bit more inspired by blogging and the community and excited to experience more of the Boston food scene 🙂

Have a great day!


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  1. Loved your write-up Emily…although, the last thing I needed to be thinking about this morning was that cheesecake:)

    Great meeting you last night, and I look forward to reading your blog!

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