Happy Halloween!!!

Good evening friends!

How’s your Halloween going so far?? I’ve been off to a busy morning and a condensed afternoon in wake of tonight’s fun 🙂 I woke early this morning to get in a 7 a.m. Body Pump class at the gym. There were a few new tracks which I liked and my butt and hamstrings are definitely feeling it! Our gym recently switched from the Group Power to Body Pump classes and I am enjoying the change. The tracks on Pump are more originals than the cover songs from Power. The songs are also a bit more consistent in routine but much more challenging. Definitely getting used to being more sore after the class 🙂

After pump I came home for an inevitable Halloween breakfast, pumpkin oats!

This bowl consisted of 1/2 cup gluten-free rolled oats, ~1/2 cup Trader Joe’s Organic Pumpkin (a great one, really liked the taste and texture), 1 banana, cinnamon, and pumpkin pie spice. Added later was some almond butter mixed with almond milk and a dollop of Trader Joe’s fig butter. It was a great and festive way to begin my Halloween 🙂

Halloween is a great day for treats but since cutting dairy and gluten out of my diet, I often am not able to have my old favorite treats (reese’s cups, M&M’s, twizzlers). Thankfully, the other day a box o’ treats arrived at my door:

My Cook.Vegan.Lover Care Package from the lovely Kara of The Daily Whisk. Kara did a fabulous job and I was thrilled with the contents of my care package:

The goods included Barney Butter, a Mighty Leaf Tea sampler, cacao nibs covered in dark chocolate, Vermont maple syrup cotton candy, dark chocolate covered almonds, a dark chocolate bar, gluten-free chocolate cookies, a Red Sox Fan pack (from a Yankees fan no-less!), candles, and an acorn squash from Kara’s neighbors garden!! I was  so excited by the squash, such a cute touch and one of my favorite fall veggies 🙂 Kara did such a great job with this care package…chocolate, nut butter, wonderful candles and Red Sox, too! The CVL care packages is one of my  favorite traditions, last year it got me a new friend in Megan of Go Places  ! Thanks so much Lindsay for putting this together!!

In other fun today, I came home early from my internship to some pumpkin treats:

Cinnamon sugar pumpkin seeds

And the original salty seeds 🙂

My dad also made a big batch of venison stew which was amazing. He made a special point to use gluten-free beef broth which I was so grateful for because it was delicious!

The stew consisted of venison, carrots, turnips and potatoes, served with the last of the garden kale and swiss chard all steamed up! A great pre-trick-or-treaters meal! We also carved our pumpkins a little last minute:

My dad carved the top one and the bottom ones I drilled holes in for a polka dot effect c/o Pinterest 🙂

Now I’m curled up on the couch with a glass of Halloween wine:

Tell me: how did you celebrate Halloween???

Have a great night

lots of love,


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4 Responses to Happy Halloween!!!

  1. I love that she sent you a squash!

  2. Kara says:

    Haha! I was wondering what you’d think of the squash, I’m so happy you liked it! Also, glad to see the package made it!

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