The run when I spit on my leg

Hi friends!

So to answer yesterday’s cliff hanger, I went running today!! Our professor let us out at 4 and I knew what I had to do…

Stop at Whole Foods on the way home! It was a necessary evil that resulted in a major score:

10 packets of Justin’s Almond Butter (8 regular, 2 maple)

1 jar of WF Creamy Almond Butter ($3.39, ummm yes please)

1 kabocha-type squash


Can you sense my excitement??? This stuff not only tastes absolutely amazing, but it’s also 70 calories per 1/2 cup serving….at 4 servings per pint, I can eat the whole thing guiltlessly if needed….and I almost did 🙂

Back to the run…

I got home at 5:00 to a house full of family and friends. I caught up with a few people and got to talking with Jackie and her sister, Natalie, about running. I got so pumped up for my run that I was ready to hit the pavement, and fast!

I knew I was only doing approximately a 5k, but I was started off at a pretty fast pace. I tried to slow it down a bit but I felt good so I just went with it. I am starting to feel a cold coming on, so at one point it was inevitable that I had to spit:

I think you can see the spit mark going across my leg…reaaaal attractive. Not only did I spit on myself (think: riding on a roller coaster and the spit coming back in your face) but I also reflexively reached down and put my hand on it, gross! I had to laugh though, these are the running moments that remind me that I’m human and how life is not so serious! It was much needed after a highly intense/emotional weekend course.

After my run I made a double batch dinner of grilled chicken, steamed kale/swiss chard/mushrooms, and a big sweet tater. I had half for dinner and packed the other half for tomorrow night at my internship 🙂

(see the smilie face??)

In keeping with the productivity and the fall weather, I transitioned over from my summer closet to my winter closet…a depressing but necessary chore. As a reward for my busy weekend and run, I have planted myself in front of the TV with Wedding Crashers (a top 5 favorite movie) and a bowl of blueberry sorbet with chocolate chips…yay Sunday Funday!

Tell me: what’s something that happen to you recently that made you laugh at yourself? Also, what’s your favorite buy at Whole Foods???

Have a great night everyone and good luck with your Monday!!

lots of love,


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