Finding the gem in every day

Good evening friends,

Hows your fall weekend going?? It’s such a beautiful one here in the Boston area! Any people going out for the Head of the Charles Regatta?? While I am not enjoying the festivities, I am spending the weekend in Cambridge.

This weekend is the first of my two for my weekend-intensive course, Counseling Young Children and Adolescents. To say that it’s all fun and play-therapy games would be a total lie; lots of talk of childhood trauma, grief and abuse. As I am currently in my first year of a counseling internship, in addition to taking courses like this, I need to find ways to have self-care and release built in to each day. Todays included a few things:

A walk where I admired and soaked in the sunshine. Sitting in class for hours can really make you feel tired and lethargic. I try to get up and out during my break to get moving and feel alive. A friend and I walked down to some outdoor seating, had lunch, and grabbed some Starbucks on our way back. It’s also so important to talk to friends, vent, and just get your head out of the serious and heavy stuff. Hearing about childhood trauma for a few hours really does something to your mind and emotions.

(Picture from senior year of college, oh my!)

Call your best friend. On my way home, to relieve a bit more stress and feel in touch, I called my best friend Katlyn. It’s always great to hear the voice of someone who knows you inside and out. She and I can talk forever but unfortunately we don’t always have the time. Our half-hour talk was just what I needed to feel reconnected and grounded. It’s also good perspective to hear that someone else has a lot going on, too. We don’t sugar-coat anything which I need.

When all else fails, enjoy some pizza and wine 🙂 When I got home my mom had plans to make grill pizza and share some Pinot Noir. Honestly, just what I needed after the heavy day I had 🙂


I have been wanting to blog so much more lately but honestly, my life is scheduled from waking to bed (and I even schedule in sleep and meals)! I know everyone is busy and I in now way am complaining, but I have so much to say each day, just lacking the time to say it. I have time to blog before bed but am trying to limit my nighttime computer time to have better sleep. Any expert bloggers out there who have some advice, please share! I have one more class session all day tomorrow and then a month off. Really hoping to get in a run tomorrow, if you follow me on twitter (@emilya_b) please send me some words of encouragement, I’ll need it!

Have a great night and enjoy the weekend!

lots of love,


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