A new norm

Good evening friends,

How’s your long weekend going so far? The weather here in New England is absolutely amazing, 70’s and 80’s all weekend long! Absolutely loving this flashback to summer 🙂 Today I got coffee with some of my girls and we sat outside, catching some rays; perfect Saturday afternoon.

So it’s been a while since my last post and I have to say, I’ve definitely been taking some time to adjust to my new norm schedule. Where I used to work 3-4 days a week at the hospital all summer, I now am at my internship 4 days a week, two of which I also have class. As for the other 3 days, they’re spent picking up shifts at one of my two part-time jobs or catching up on rest and homework. Although it’s a little crazy, I’m actually getting by quite well; I tend to thrive off of being highly scheduled as long as I know and respect my limits. 

How do I do this for my weekly life?

1) Make a schedule of on and off time.

Having a visual is a great way of knowing when and where you can fit in self-care activities. At the beginning of each semester I block out my time, Monday through Sunday, to see when I am at all of my different activities. I then can see all the opportunities, big and small, I have to fit in fitness, relaxations, or coffee with a friend 🙂 I put my workouts on there to keep myself on task with my goals; these are flexible depending on that day but it helps to keep my fitness balanced.

2) Pack the night before

This is crucial for me to get it all done! I tend to always be running late in the morning; knowing this about myself, I do my best to be prepared at night. I make and pack my lunch and snacks, lay out my clothes, and most imporantly pack my bag(s). On Thursdays, I need to have food and snacks for both internship and school, and bags for both as well. Although those are long days, knowing I have everything I need eases stress and helps the day run smoother.

Blurry, but that’s a pre-selected out-fit for a day at my internship!

3) Eat healthy and balanced meals

It’s no secret that a busy lifestyle can make it hard to eat right, but it’s not impossible. Having some go-to meals and remember your healthy-eating goals can still happen amidst the craze. My go-to breakfasts are oatmeal with fruit and nut butter or eggs for protein:

Snacks are usually a homemade trailmix of almonds, pepita seeds, dried fruit, and Puffins or some sort of fruit/veggie or a protein bar. My schedule allows me to be home for dinner most nights and those are always well-balanced protein, starch and veggies:

Tonight’s bun-less turkey burger with grilled veggies and a sweet potato.

4) Know your supports and use ’em!

I have come to learn that I can’t succeed without some support in my life to back me up. First off, family and friends; advice, hugs, laughs and love they give me the nurturance I need. I also see my own therapist once a week; so helpful for therapists in training and anybody who feels they need help coping with life’s ups and downs. I also have my faith as a constant form of support and guidance; I have just begun to attend church regularly again and I have found this so very helpful. Finally, mindfulness and meditation have been very helpful recently; stress has kept me from having restful sleep and having a meditation practice helps to clear my mind from racing thoughts. 

5) Keeping life fun

Any opportunity I get to do the things that make me happy and insert some fun into the routine, I jump on! Be it a quick coffee trip with the girls, a shopping trip with my mom and aunt, an impromptu late evening walk, or a sushi date with a friend; getting out of the norm is refreshing and rejuvenating!

At the end of the day, a good nights sleep is the best thing you can do to make all of these things possible. I am working tomorrow morning at 7 and right about now my bed is calling my name 🙂

Tell me: what keeps you calm, cool, and collected during busy times??

Have a great long weekend everyone! Be back with my 10k recap on Monday!

lots of love,


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