That Fall Feeling…

Good Evening friends!

It’s official, Fall has arrived! I felt it in the air this morning when I woke up, that chill that you just can’t ignore. Such a shift from a few nights earlier this week where I slept with my AC unit and fan humming on high. After being tempted by many other bloggers for the past two weeks, I finally felt it was time to break into my supply:

One of only two cans of Libby’s that made it through last winter and survived until now. I am hoping to ration them until the orange cans hit the shelves again, can’t wait! A big scoop of pumpkin went into the mix of this bowl:
That would be oats, a little bit of oatbran, banana, almond milk, pumpkin puree topped with some Warrior Crunch Granola (which smells and tastes like pumpkin pie spice) and pepita seeds.  Just as good as I remembered 🙂

Today was also a day for another of my favorite Fall every season tasks, my monthly trip to Whole Foods

As I am deparately trying to be on a budget, I created a list and armed myself with coupons before this trip. I also went motivated by the fact that 1) I had a $20 coupon from LivingSocial and 2) My mom and I wanted fresh salmon for dinner. Well, needless to say, the list got a liiiitttle bit thrown off by the site of a few things including this:

Kabocha squash!! I tried this for the first time last year and fell in love. I bought them twice out of season over the spring/summer and it just was not the same. Can’t wait to cook this up ASAP! Aside than the sqaush I mostly stuck to my list. They are no longer carrying my beloved Ciao Bella Wild Blueberry Sorbet so I made a few other purchased instead. One in particular that I am newly infatuated with is this Dinosaur Barb-b-que Sauce; it’s gluten-free and amazing, if you find it, buy it!!

Dinner was definitely fall inspired after my dad brought home a whole bunch of enormous beets that needed to be roasted for sure:

I know this picture is horrible but you need a frame of reference for just how large these beets are! Think oversized sweet potatoes. My dad sort of “stole” them from his friend’s farm…I’m not sure if they will be missed or not.

My mom and I were having one of our dinner nights together and it was definitely a fall feeling to the meal:

Roasted salmon with craisins, roasted beets, and steamed mixed greens (spinach and garden kale+swiss chard). Delicious along side a glass of Pinot Noir 🙂

Looking forward to a cool fall weather run tomorrow morning on my new Aisics GT2160’s! I am really turning into a running nerd 🙂

Tell me: what are your favorite fall foods??

Have a great night everyone!



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