So long summer..

Good evening friends!

September 1st is always such a big transition day to me. Despite all the signs that I’ve been seeing, reading September on my calendar means that I can no longer ignore that Fall is here. As a 3rd year grad student (or a person in their 20th year of school), September always means back to school mode. That being said, this year is so much different than school years of the past. Rather than approaching the academic year with the focus on courses and homework, this semester’s focus will be my 700-hour internship as a mental health counselor. Yes, there will still be classes, but I have chosen to take weekend-format courses to keep my weekly schedule all about my internship. I am filled with so much excitement, nervousness, uncertainty, wonder, and a bit of fear as the winds of change arrive and summer slips away. As of next Thursday I will begin my orientation and until then there’s lot’s of to-do’s and mental preparation.

As much as I love summer, the student in me definitely gets excited for fall. I love buying my new planner and school supplies and I also like making goals and thinking ahead for the year. My goals for this year much reflect my desire to be mindful and stay calm and content through the up’s and down’s that come during your intern year. Recognizing that I am prone to anxiety, I hope to be proactive in really identifying the strategies that work to keep me at ease and help me to cope in times of stress.

Fall Goals 2011:


I began this practice last year, when I found myself having anxiety during my drives to school. To ease the focus on the stress and “what if’s” I began to count all of the things I was grateful for from that day. This technique not only allowed me to shift the focus away from my anxiety, but also reminded me of all the blessings in my life.

Continue 10k Training and Group Power

I began my 10k training plan with fall in mind; I wanted to have something to carry me over from summer and keep me focused and motivated to stay fit. I have some goal races spread out until November that will keep up my running milage. I always have fit into my schedule 2 days a week to go to Group Power. The change that I have seen in my body since starting a strength training program has been incredible. It’s also good to keep up with other loved activities such as cycling:

Meditation and Prayer

These two things are so important in my life. I haven’t found a church I love since graduating from my undergrad, Emmanuel College, however, having a relationship with God and spirituality has always been important. I am blessed to have friends that I can share this with and talk to and hopefully I can find a church where I feel connected.

Create a Meal and Snack Plan

This is one I have been working on since starting grad school and I think I am getting pretty successful with. I like to have a few different options for healthy meals and snacks on-the-go so I don’t get sick of things. My meals usually are some sort of veggie/rice bowl and my snacks range from fresh fruit, homemade trail mix, and different protein/granola bars. The real goal here is not the spend too much money!

Smile, laugh, don’t take life to seriously!

Ever heard of laugh yoga?? I am going to take mini-laugh yoga breaks regularly! It’s when you start laughing (it can be a little fake) with a group of people and then, in a domino effect, it leads to genuine laughter. I want to smile more, because frankly, we all look better with a smile on our faces πŸ™‚

Keep reading for pleasure

This has been such a gift for me this summer! I love reading leisure books, and I am even more appreciative of them in comparison to my textbooks. I am currently reading Cutting for Stone and would love a recommendation or two for my next book!

Cut down on media time

This really goes right along with my previous goal of reading more (and keeping up with my fitness goals). Keep it down to favorite shows and an hour of online time.

Take walks, get outside

So long as there’s not 3 feet of snow on the ground or sub-freezing temps, there’s no reason not to get some vitamin D each day! If it’s not a running day I hope to get in a walk to get some fresh air and keep my mind clear.

Let Go and Live

As many of you type-A’s out there can relate, it’s sometimes hard to not want to control outcomes and plan ahead for everything. This year is really so much out of my control; I have no idea what clients will walk through the door at my internship or any of what may come. My goal is to just let it come at me and know that I am equipped to handle it with the support of those around me.

Schedule in the FUN, too!

Making sure I put the positive to-do’s on my list gives me something to keep pushing forward for. Even if it’s something silly, just knowing something good is coming up can keep me moving πŸ™‚

So there you have it, my goals for a “new year.” Tell me, what are your goals for fall?? Does September mark a transition for you?

Have a great night everyone!

lots of love,



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7 Responses to So long summer..

  1. amy says:

    Emily, these are great goals and I am definitely going to try and copy some of them!! I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and would love to send you an email (a little too long for a comment!)
    Thanks, Amy L.

  2. Fall is my favorite time of year by far so I’m excited for it! Love all your goals. They have such good balance. πŸ™‚

  3. sophia says:

    Oh I’m actually so happy that Fall is here, as the air gets brisker and I don’t sweat just sitting in my no-air-conditioner room.

    I’m a type A too, so I always make goals and get hard on myself for not meeting all of them. I really like your last “Let Go and Let Live” goal! πŸ™‚

    • If is true that less sweat is a beautiful part of fall πŸ™‚ my only real gripe with this season is that it leads into winter which in New England is endless! Glad you liked my goals πŸ™‚

  4. Amy says:

    Emily- I just discovered your blog the other day and really love your attitude and advice! We seem to have a lot in common in terms of anxiety/trying to center/realize what’s important. When I realized you went to Emmanuel, I got really excited too, haha! I am a senior there and moving into Julie on Monday πŸ™‚ Love your fall goals and I will continue reading!

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