Night and Day

Good evening friends,

It feels like is about midnight for me although its not even 8pm yet. That’s because last night I picked up an overnight shift at work. I almost never do these shifts but I needed the money for this pay period and thought one wouldn’t kill me. Well, I was right, it didn’t kill me, however, there was one casualty:

Yes, that’s my less than two month old iPhone, smashed up and looking pretty sad. The incident itself actually happened in the last hour of my shift (overtired much?). The phone was plugged in and the cord stretched from the top of the desk underneath next to my rolling chair. I pulled out of the desk and the cord was wrapped up in my chair and the phone smashed down, face first, onto the one of the wheels of the chair. I didn’t have a total melt down but a few choice words were said 😉

Thankfully I have a few Apple store friends who I was able to consult. They said that as long as the phone is under warranty (1 year limited warranty) the apple store will often let the first of such injuries slide, swapping out the phone for free! Don’t quote me on this as I clearly do not work for Apple, but it worked out well so I am a happy girl. But all before I could make any Genius Bar dates, I had another date:

I needed sleep like I haven’t in a while. Unfortunately it didn’t last very long because I really have a hard time sleeping during the day, and especially napping. I have never really been a nap-taker, so when I lie down to rest my body usually expects a full night of sleep. I lasted about 4 hours before I dragged my overtired butt downstairs to eat some food.

A bowl of oatbran and some scrambled eggs/egg whites. It may be a little plain but my body was not up for anything crazy. Does anyone else ever feel kind of queasy when lacking sleep??

After moping around for a bit and realizing I was too exhausted for a workout, I decided some sunshine would do me good. I took this show outside for a little vitamin D

We’ve been having some cooler weather this week which is a huge change from the 90’s heat and humidity of the past month, it’s making me start to think FALL! I have also noticed it getting darker earlier and I am a little bit bummed. If only summer could last forever…or at least until I get through a couple more summer reads! Something about having a good book to carry around and read in the summer is so wonderful; as a student I really have grown to appreciate non-academic reading! My current book is in preparation some movie-going:

“The Help” is great so far, I’ve been trying to avoid all the media and interview surrounding the movie so I can find out the story for myself. I am hoping to finish it up in the next day or two.

While outside I decided to do a little perusing around the garden for tonight’s dinner with my mom.

I’m so used to baby spinach that this looks monstrous!

One of the first few big boys!

We’ve already eaten hundreds of these little guys 🙂

Rinsed, clean, and ready to eat! We steamed them up for dinner along with some grilled chicken, guacamole, and red bliss potatoes 🙂 Now with a full belly I’m ready to take my overtired self to bed 🙂

What’s the hardest for you, late nights or early days?

Have a good one!

lots of love,




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2 Responses to Night and Day

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  2. Late nights!

    Your garden is great!

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