None the wiser

Hi friends!

After a week of birthday celebrating I’ve had somewhat of a change of pace this week. A few months ago I was told (for the second time, by a second dentist) that I needed my wisdom teeth removed. I decided to bite the bullet (haha) and go for it. I had 11 vacation days in a row and since the first half were happily spent celebrating, I figured I could spend the second half having a little R&R. So on Tuesday morning my mom took my starving-self (how annoying is fasting when your procedure is past 8 am) to the dentist office to loose some teeth! After getting me all set up in my chair and explaining the procedure I took a nice little nap and woke up with mouth numb and full of gauze. I have been under anesthesia a handful of times in my life, twice in the past two years, but this experience was a new one. After waking up I found myself in tears! As the dentist removed my IV and I felt some pain I started to well up in tears. Before I knew it those tears were full out sobs and the dental assistant was calling my mom in from the waiting room. The tears didn’t last long, however, because I was handed a mirror and saw this face staring back at me:

I know, that’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen, too! I had to send that to my big brother to show him how I was doing. My mouth is hanging open like a fish, mostly because I couldn’t feel my lips for a solid 12 hours. I have been on a wonderful pill regime lately:

That’s 3x day antibiotics, 2x a day mouth wash, and as much 600mg ibuprofen as I can take! I consider myself to have a pretty high tolerance for pain and am not really a huge fan of pain meds so I skipped out on the more serious stuff they perscribed me. It hasn’t been so bad and I’ve actually be recovering quite well! The hardest thing for me is not being able to eat the foods I love: fruits and veggies, rice, crunchy snacks, basically anything that you chew. Thanks to a wonderful birthday present, there have been many delicious smoothies!

My brother Dan and his girlfriend Jackie got me this and I love it! You screw on the blade to mix and screw on a to-go top to hit the road. It makes a pretty good sized smoothie and blends up my ingredients nice and smooth 🙂 In todays mix was frozen blueberries, strawberries, 1/2 banana, 1 scoop Sun Warrior Vanilla protein powder, and some almond milk. The result was just as blue as my bottle:
 It was the perfect post-bike ride refresher. Today was my first day of real exericse since the procedure. The dentist recommended a week off but I couldn’t sit around while feeling like I had the energy to do something physical. A bike ride was just enough to get me outside and in the sunshine without over-doing it. Along the ride I took a stop to admire the scenery and appreciate the day:
I love finding little bike trails and routes that are a bit more in nature. I miss my trail rides with Jackie, hoping to get one of those in, soon!

Tonight’s looking like a lay-low night. I went out last night and I think I should conserve my energy a bit. I have work tomorrow evening and an overnight (!!!) shift on Monday that’s probably going to knock me off my routine a bit. If all goes well I will be making a road trip up to Maine this week for a day or two with my aunt who is recovering amazingly well!

Have a great night everyone!

lots of love,


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