I am a Warrior!

Good Evening friends!

It’s been a crazy fun and busy weekend! After my low-key baking night on Friday, I’ve been non-stop. After working a 6:30-3pm shift yesterday, I rushed home and got myself ready and rearing to go for the WARRIOR DASH!!

This race was seriously one of the best experiences of my life, from start to finish I loved it! I signed up with my best friend from college, Jenna, and we were so exicited about it. The whole experience began with the insane parking lot which had apparently flooded the morning of the race due to all the rain we’ve been getting this week. I have never experienced more insane driving conditions and I am a seasoned New Englander that drives in 2 feet of snow! We loved it though. One we parked we boarded a bus that took us to the field for the race. On the bus, Jenna and I took a shot of our clean, pre-race faces:

Some of my photos are via iPhone so don’t mind the clarity. We were so pumped to get there! The undereye stickers were courtesy of a completely wasted girl sitting in front of us who made fun of us for using face paint crayons. The stickers were definitely worth it though, they lasted through the whole event.

After arriving at the field and grabbing our packets we took one last clean shot before getting in line at the start. We ripped the sleeves off of our t’s because we’re just that tough:

(Note: the picture on Jenna’s shirt is from our friend Mingo’s (her last name, not first) 21st birthday, we all wore them out to the bars)

We were corralled into the starting line for a good 20 minutes before they let our wave go. I felt like I was back in high school at a track meet waiting for the gun to go off! I was jumping around and stretching, trying to get out that nervous energy! Once the race started the insanity did not stop! it started with a huge hill climb followed by a 1.5 mile run up and down muddy/slippery hills in the woods. At many points the mud was too deep for us to run and had to take a slow to save our ankles and other body parts. I am not a huge mud/dirt person so when I stepped into a puddle that went up to my waist I was a little bit grossed out to say the least 🙂

There were definitely times during the race where I wanted to slow down and take a break; my lungs were burning because my cardio is not up to that intensity and with the mud if felt like my feet were bricks. Jenna is a great athlete and motivator (she’s a personal trainer at a very intense Boston gym) and she definitely kept me going. At one point I got it in my head that this race was a big metaphor for life: you have to run through mud and tough stuff before you can come out on top! That definitely got me through until the best part of the race, THE OBSTACLES!

We jumped walls and climbed under barbed wire, we ran through a field of swinging tires, I scaled a 20 (ish?) foot wall and climbed another 20 foot rope wall. I walked on a balance been over a mud pit and jumped over two fire pits! At the end of the race Jenna and I crossed the finish line with forward rolls 🙂

Post race we posed for a few shots:

We also wanted to show off our tough and muddy selves:

Notice the lack of shoes? Those were the first thing to go!

My shirt says “Pint Sized Warrior”

After the photos we attempted the Warrior rinse which was two turbine fans pelting us with freezing cold water…worse than the craziness of the parking lot! We brought a change of clothes to change but since our options were limited I chose to grab myself a 4 foot tall trash bag and drop trow in there and get some clean(ish) dry pants on that way. Had I done that anywhere else I would have been mortified, but at the Warrior Dash a nearby woman came over and just asked “would you like me to hold the bag up for you?

Overall this was one of the best experiences I’ve had! I would definitely recommend it and am thinking of signing up for another one of these events in the fall! Jenna and I both had sports games today (softball for me, soccer for Jenna) and although I havent heard from her, I can speak for myself to say that I am starting to feel it!

It’s time to call it quits for the night, but I hope everyone had a great weekend!!

Tell me: have you ever participated in an event that was totally insane but completely awesome?? Tell me about it!!!

lots of love,


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