A new look on things

Good evening friends!

Late post for me tonight but I just got home from the first of hopefully many Parties on the Patio! The yacht club near our house (which we are not members of, just friends) hosts a cookout every Tuesday night during the summer with live music, grilled food, and an outdoor bar! My brother Dan and his girlfriend Jackie usually go with their friends and I decided to tag along. It was definitely a fun time and I want to make a Tuesday night thing 🙂

I should probably start at the beginning of my day. I woke to an early alarm (7 am on a day off) because I wanted to hit the pavement before a 9:30 am dr’s appointment. I got in a solid 35 minute run, not super far on distance but focusing on hills before this weekend’s Warrior Dash! More on that later, but let’s just say it’s going to be pretty intense!

After my run I got myself ready and headed to the appointment. Once back it was time to to get down to business; summer class homework! I decided it was too nice of a day to waste inside and got a new perspective by heading outdoors:

Not a bad little spot if I do say so 🙂 And while I was out there I got a few visitors, this guy in particular was pretty amazing:

There were actually two of them and they kept flying around but they seemed to know when I was snapping pictures and moved away. This was my best shot, but they’re such beautiful birds!

After a while of “work” (some homework, some facebook, some emailing, etc) I decided it was lunch time. I wasn’t really craving regular food because of the heat so I decided for something cool. Enter, a strawberry banana cocoa smoothie…

Featuring some fresh strawberries

Sunwarrior protein, a new fav of mine 🙂

Almond milk, 1 small banana (partially frozen), and 1 1/2 t of cocoa powder also went in the mix. The result was the perfect summer day drink:

Enjoyed under the shade of an umbrella, not bad at all!

After a few hours of working hard, I had another appointment, but this one much more exciting. I’ve expressed this a few times but I love getting my haircut and colored. I believe the last time I showed it off it was not quite exciting; I went brunette, mostly to save money on coloring. Today I went back to my favorite color and cut and am already feeling muuuch better:

Now that’s more like it 🙂

Hopefully all the blonde-haired fun will start happening… I think it already has a with a great first day of summer today!

Question: are there simple changes you make that make a huge difference in your day or even your life? If so, what are they?

Have a great night everyone, tomorrow’s hump day!!!

lots of love,


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