The good stuff

Good evening friends!

I’ve been all over the place in the last week with work, family, and friends. I got to relax a bit and pick of a few days of work as well as celebrate with my family and a birthday of my friend. These things are the good things in life, they make your days and and weekends a little more busy but they make you feel alive and connected. Have people and priorities in your life are what makes life meaningful. Being busy and with others is just as important as having “me-time” and relaxation. I started off my week with a little R&R by having my morning outs in the backyard:

There’s something so much better about eating “al-fresco” is there not? It also gives me some time to enjoy the scenery and stop and smell the flowers

I love love love that my mom is such an amazing gardener and that our backyard is something so beautiful and alive! I am also excited about our veggies that we are tending to this year

Future tomatoes

And our own locally grown greens!

In the last week I also had the opportunity to have some family time as we all got together and celebrated my Grammy’s 93rd birthday! She amazes me with how much she has lived through that she is as healthy as she is. She has recently begun to have some cognitive decline and is living in an assisted living memory unit, but aside from that she takes one pill a day and it’s a multi-vitamin 🙂 I hope I inherit her genes!

She’s too cute. 93 years old, 4’9″ and shrinking a bit more everday. She is the only person in my life who makes me feel tall 🙂 Her name is Beatrice but we fondly call her Grammy Bea.

After a crazy hectic week covering someone’s position at my job that I had never worked alone, I was definitely in need of some friends and vino! Luckily I had it already in the works. A low-key wine night with my friend Ash on friday, followed by a late night out in Boston for my best friend Jill’s birthday on Saturday

This picture captures our friendship…and no, we weren’t naked, just wearing strapless dresses to our senior ball! We had a good night though and I definitely felt like I was back in college again! Jill lives right across the street from my undergrad Emmanuel College; at 2:30 am we found ourselves in the same Shaw’s Market shopping for late night snacks. Unfortunately, a late night Saturday night meant little to no sleep for my Sunday Softball double header. After softball I crashed for a while, no sleep+softball+sun=sleepy time! For dinner I decided to go fresh and make a salad. I wanted something light and summery and thanks to my mom’s awesome grocery shopping skills I had just the stuff:

A grilled chicken salad with peaches. It was just what I needed after a long day and little sleep, filling a hydrating 🙂

Today was another good stuff day, too. I slept in late to catch up on my rest and took the morning slooow. I spent the first part of the day sitting in the backyard, sunscreen on and book in hand. In the afternoon Jackie called and invited me to go with her to our city’s first farmer’s market of the year and then later on a bike ride. I got a few things at the market including a beets, a macaroon, some gluten-free chocolate chip cookies, and some bok choy:

The bok choy was a perfect addition to my post-ride dinner. The riding was great today, too. We had great weather and even saw two deers in the fields we rode through. Trail riding definitely is something that makes me feel alive and refreshed 🙂

Well it’s about time to call it quits. It’s getting close to my bed time and I want to try to squeeze in a run tomorrow AM before a doctors appointment. Hope everyone had a great Monday!

lots of love,


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