Word-lite post

Good Evening Friends!

The Bruin’s are on and the game is intense, so this will be a word-lite post from my afternoon and evening, enjoy!

Strawberry Banana protein smoothie, yum!

Sauteed white mushrooms as a part of this dinner…

Mushroom Millet cooked with chicken broth…misotto?

Sun setting over my evening walk 🙂

A boat, I am know the owners 🙂

Make way for ducklings!

Sun setting

I took a break from my walk for a little swingin’

The end.


lots of love,


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2 Responses to Word-lite post

  1. bakebooks says:

    That looks so peaceful and beautiful. I want to walk there! Are you GF by the way?

    Bruins fan! NO! – I’m from Canada…;) – but actually I’m not a big hockey person – so Game 7 is going to be interesting either way! 🙂

    • I am living gluten-free right now as a way to control my IBS and other digestive issues. And funny that I am reading and commenting on this AFTER the Bruin’s win the cup!!! I’m French-Canadian but a B’s fan all the way!

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