School daze

Good evening friends!

I am happily sitting on my couch, feet up, and almost half-way through one of my summer weekend courses! To keep up with my grad program I have to take at least one summer class, a concept that seems against everything that I believe (summer is for beaches, cookouts, and sunshine) but I have to say it’s not that bad. My day didn’t start out quite as expected though. Half-way through my shower the power went out. Not a huge problem, but that meant a wet-hair day (on a cool and rainy New England day) and no morning oatmeal!!! That wasn’t going to work for me. No worries, though, my mom came to the rescue!

Of course I could just cook my oats on the grill! It actually worked out really, well! It even was a little faster than in the kitchen? Maybe it was because I was enjoying the beautiful flowers in our garden

and a few more…

Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend too much time in the garden because I had to hit the road and head to school.

Although I was a little slow to wake up in class this morning, I am really enjoying the course. This is one of my last grad classes with my friends that I began the program with. It’s exciting to go to be at school with so many great friends and future colleagues but a little bittersweet to know that we are going on different paths in the fall. I am so inspired by the people in my program, their passion and drive, and I am excited to know that I will continue to work with them and stay connected as we work in the field. You know you’re in good company where you can walk down the hall and someone saying hello just put’s a smile on your face and you’re met with a warm hug. It may also be the fact that we’re future therapists, definitely the huggy type, but that’s okay!

For tonight I am going to relax and watch Chicago, oh and I think I’ll take an IQ test my professor assigned for homework 🙂

Tell me, does anything ever throw off your morning?? What’s a must to start your day?

Have a great night everyone!

lots of love,


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