Fresh spring food

Good evening friends!

Hope your Monday went well and the week is off to a great start! It looks like we’re getting another dose of summer weather this later this week with temps in the 90s! I got my summer tan started during Memorial Day weekend but haven’t seen much sun since. I have the first weekend of my summer class coming up this weekend so I am hoping to get some outside time before being stuck indoors for three days, yuck!

Among the many things that excite me about warmer weather, one of my favorites is the fresh fruits and veggies that start making an appearance on my plate.

I am always all about the produce when I go grocery shopping (which is one of my favorite activities) but especially at this time of year when the produce that I buy becomes locally grown. Well, this year we’ve gone really local, as in building a new garden in our backyard!

After about a year of begging, I finally got my dad to dig a garden into the backyard. The project ended up being a bit more extensive than any of us had anticipated because we had to level off the yard…my brother’s bobcat was involved (yes, my brother owns his own bobcat…don’t ask). After a long weekend of work and another weekend of planting the garden is up and running! We’re grown three different types of tomatoes, peppers, zucchini, summer squash, kale, spinach, and swiss chard! We also have two blueberry plants and some wild black raspberries behind our shed that we discovered last year. Oh, and two window boxes full o’lettuce:

As well as a planter full of herbs:

That would be rosemary, basil, oregano, and parsley! I already have plans for a risotto with fresh rosemary and some homemade tabbouleh with the parsley 🙂

Tonight’s dinner was another one of my favorite girl’s night dinners. As my mom left for work this morning, she mentioned having some frozen shrimp in the freezer that she wanted to roast for dinner. She said the rest was up to me so I decided to get creative on a budget, using only what we had in the fridge, pantry, and garden. I started by chopping up some fresh veggies:

A red pepper that was gettin’ a little bit wrinkly, but still good!

And some white button mushrooms, one of my favorite veggies, I think they are in just about every dinner that I make.

I also chopped up some grape tomatoes, half a vidalia onion, and two small zucchini. I sauteed the onion first and then added the rest of the veggies. Once they were cooked down I added some dried oregano and a splash or two of balsamic vinegar and let it cook down. The shrimp were roasted with a little olive oil, salt and pepper. Finally, I boiled some brown rice penne to top the pasta (yes, I’m still eating mostly gluten-free). The final product was pretty good I have to say:

I topped it with some fresh basil and peccorino-romano cheese, yum!

Tonight’s dinner definitely reminded me of how much I love creating meals on fly. Hopefully there will be more dinners like this as the garden keeps growing!

That’s all for today, for all my Bruin’s fans you know what time it is!! Let’s go B’s!!!!


lots of love,


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