Maine Weekend: House and Horses

Good evening friends!

I’m back in the swing of things this week. I’ve been to the gym yesterday and today, got scheduled to work today, Thursday and Friday, and have both of my classes tomorrow. I’m hoping that having some regularity in my schedule will transition to some regularity in my life. One thing that’s for sure is that I will be continuing my hobby of taking photos. Despite no longer having access to a DSLR camera, my point-and-shoot is proving to do the job for the time.

These photos are of my aunts house, the view from her living room, and photos of the horses that her neighbors have that we visited on our snow-shoeing hike.

My aunt’s kitchen, cozy and rustic. She has a traditional farm house home and it has the greatest charm!

Bright and sunny living room with a view..

Of horses…

and rolling fields of snow.

The barn off in the distance; my aunt is an awesome painter and hopes to paint this photo 🙂

Beginning our trek

The boys


Trot, trot

The boys

Quite the good looking guy

My aunt saying hi to the boys…no snacks though!

Up close

Wayyyy close

Hey there pretty girl 🙂

The girls were pregnant, I think she’s glowing just a bit

Setting out down the trail

With acres to go..

We hiked quite a ways

We even crossed a stream

And finally stopped for a rest

It was such a great hike and a great way to spend my last morning in Maine. I was sad to see my trip be over but as I hugged my aunt goodbye I promised to return soon. There is something very therapeutic about being immersed in nature and seeing views of fields and mountains that put your life in perspective. The trip was definitely not an escape from the stress that I am going through right now, but it gave me a new point of view and breath of fresh air to keep going and move forward.

What trips or activities inspire and rejuvenate you? What do you do when you need a break from the everyday?

Have a great night everyone

lots of love,


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