Saucy, silly, serious

Good afternoon everyone!

Hope that your Monday is going well and that your week is off to a good start 🙂 Mine has been a very busy but productive day so far. I got up at 7 with the goal of an outdoor run on the brain. It wasn’t the best run but I will accept that considering my tummy wasn’t doing the greatest this morning (Alyssa, I know you get me!). I still got in the run/walk with 3.4 miles in 40 minutes, not bad at all.

The morning flew by and consisted of a shower, breakfast, trip to my Mom’s work to pick up 7 articles she printed for me, Target, bank, gas, and grocery store. PHEW! It was all done before 12:30, too 🙂 I got straight into homework mode when I got home and have been that way ever since. I decided to take a hiatus mid-afternoon to snap some photo’s to share with you. First, something a little saucy:

Homemade Applesauce:

for the cinnamon enthusiast 🙂


5 sweet apples (I used two different varieties, unfortunately I don’t have the names because the orchard was poorly marked)

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 dash nutmeg

1 cup water

Directions: Peel, slice and core you apples break them up as much as you can before putting them in the pot. Add the water in with the apple. Bring mixture to a boil and reduce to a simmer. At this point add the cinnamon and nutmeg, mix, and allow to simmer down until almost all of the liquid is gone (there may be a little left). Then enjoy your natural and sugar-free snack that, in the words of my Dad “tastes like apple pie filling,” ohh baby!

This stuff is really an awesome treat; I had a good cup of it with some raisins alongside my almond butter and blueberry jam lunch 🙂

Now to the silly stuff, I think I’m not the only pumpkin fan in my house:

There’s rustic one’s

Smiley one’s with ghoulish friends

Oblong one’s that are speckled, too

Soft, fuzzy one’s that are friend’s of bears

Some hold napkins

Other’s store salt, pepper, and your favorite Fall sangria (Oh do I wish)

Some are impostor’s, trying to act like the real thing

This one’s a bit frightening

This one seems a bit leery of her witchy friend

These one’s are mini!

And these one’s are all mine 🙂

So as you can tell, my Mom like decorating with country/crafty stuff. Sometimes I don’t realize how much my home can really get me in the spirit of whatever the season. I tend to celebrate the seasons through food, and it’s usually well-received by my family and friends. I now have to think of a way to use up these 6 cans (and part of one that’s sitting the fridge)…hmm favorite pumpkin recipe suggesstions (please link to your blog or others)!!!

Ok, now we have to get serious for a second:

When my running sneaks come out you KNOW I MEAN BUSINESS. But seriously, I am really having a hard time lately with fitness and I am looking to the fabulous blogger community (that means you!!!) for support. The past few weeks and months my fitness has definitely be sub-par. I am all over the places with my goals, some weeks it’s more outdoor running, others it’s more yoga, sometimes it’s weight training. Overall I am lacking in both consistency and motivation. I have a history for going a little over-the-top with the treadmill and have been trying to find a balance of activities that I love. That being said, one of my first fitness loves was definitely spinning. I felt so strong and fit taking those classes, I left feeling on top of the world! Somehow I let my my tummy troubles and fear of becoming obsessed again keep me away from those classes for WAY too long. I also know that, as much as I want to run outdoors and increase my mileage, it is not the easiest thing for me. I don’t get as much out of my outdoor running workouts because I haven’t been able to really get my running mileage, strength, and endurance to where I want it to be. When I run on the treadmill at the gym, I also incorporate weight training afterwards, getting a more balanced workout that really gets my body fit. Yoga is still a love and passion of mine that I know makes me feel good, mind and body, and will definitely remain a part of my workout. I am planning on going to my local hot yoga studio once a week to get a really good power session in.

Where do you come in? I just need some recommendations and advice. Do any of you feel pressure to be a runner but find that it doesn’t really work for your body? Any advice on a good strategy to get back in shape and out of this fitness rut?

As always, any advice, love, and support is welcome.

Have a great evening everyone!!

lots of love,


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5 Responses to Saucy, silly, serious

  1. First, I wanted to say I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I’m also a psych grad student, lover of spin classes, and runner-in-training so I can completely relate to your blog. To answer your question (which I could use some motivation too), I would suggest signing up for a race (like a 5K or 10K if you want more) because it will give you a definite time line. Another thing you could try is a kickboxing or zumba class, both super fun and totally different. You could also sign up for a bootcamp, and sometimes if you get a big enough group together the instructor will give you a discount. Sorry this is so long – hope it helps!

    • Lindsey, I’m so happy you found my blog! I definitely appreciate the fitness advice; I actually have a 5k this weekend and am thinking of a 5-miler on Thanksgiving! So the running is still keeping itself in my life. I am also thinking about trying kickboxing, one of my best friends goes all the time and swears by it. I am excited to start following your blog, good luck with school!

  2. Alyssa says:

    I understand your stomach problems! Right there with you girl!

  3. Savvy says:

    Sometimes it is totally okay to be all over the place. It’s how you figure out new passions, strengths and the reality that it’s okay to not be locked into a set schedule. It all boils down to what works for -you- and it sounds like you’re doing a great job of figuring out what does.
    I used to run 6x weekly. Today, I only allow myself to run 3x a week which is great because the other three cardio workouts are for playing/experimenting. I also really support signing up for races, and for dedicating specific runs as “race runs” -> I am going to run 5 miles. I am going to do this in my best time. Etc.
    Whatever works for you, girl, although don’t worry about being a little ‘off’. You’re not a robot, and that’s such a fabulous thing!

  4. i’m new around here so i don’t wanna offer too much advice 🙂 that said, i think Savvy made a good point that it’s okay to try out different things, how else are you gonna find what your true passion is? besides, i don’t think you have to glue yourself to one activity. your body will plateau from it anyway!

    fortunately for me, i feel no pressure to be a runner, i just love running! i guess the trick is to find an exercise you love that doesn’t feel like work. 🙂

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