Girls night cooking

Good evening everyone!

Hope everyone had a great long weekend and Happy Thanksgiving to all my Canadian’s out there! I am actually 100% French-Canadian (yup, both sides of my family, crazy) and sadly never knew that Canada had their Thanksgiving 6 weeks before our’s in the U.S. I guess I am a little behind on my Canadian history lessons…

Today was a fun day at my house because it was just my mom and I home. I love days like this, we both sort of work with and around eachother doing our thing 🙂 My mom is definitely one of my best friends,

so any day spent with her is always a good one 🙂

Today began like any good day off should: morning session at the gym followed by a delicious bowl of oats (todays mix included some extra egg whites and flax as a post-workout power boost). Immediately after the oats, the reality set in: I had not read ANY of my reading for this upcoming week of school. I knew this in the back of my mind all weekend, but I just kept moving along, saying to myself that I would get to it eventually. Needless to say, the reading has been a long and slow process.

To break up my day I took a lunch break/date with Eric. We went out for sushi but unfortunately the restaurant we tried was not so great. It was our first time there and we didn’t really know what to expect. Oh well, you live and learn, next time we will go to one of our two tried and true spots…like Blue Fin:

So today, as my mom cleaned the afternoon away I read the afternoon away. She and I decided that we would have our favorite girls night dinner of baked salmon, yum! My mom also made some of her famous lasagna soup today:

I unfortunately don’t have the recipe for you all, but since I don’t eat it myself anymore due to the sausage, I’ll just assure you that if you like chicken sausage and lasagna, it’s good!

On to dinner:

Along side the salmon, I roasted a few mushrooms and a couple grape tomatoes. The salmon was our stand-by, tried-and-true Craisin Soy Salmon:

And another view just in case you missed it:

Craisin Soy Salmon:


1 Salmon filet (4-7 ounces per person)

Soy sauce


Directions: Preheat the oven to 410 degrees. Line a baking sheet with a good sized sheet of parchment paper (bigger than the baking sheet). Place salmon on the parchment paper, skin side down. Sprinkle with soy sauce until covered but not drenched. Place a few craisin’s on top but most on the sides of the salmon (we found that if you cover the salmon with the craisin’s it does not cook as well). Place in the over for 10-15 minutes depending on the size or thickness of the cut. Serve as is, or if you’re like me, with some fresh squeezed lemon juice!

The whole ensemble looked something like this:

Craisin Soy Salmon, organic brown rice, steamed spinach topped with a few roasted grape tomatoes, and a few roasted button mushrooms. If you’re wondering I sprinkled a few of my mushrooms to garam masala that I bought yesterday at William Sonoma to try it out. I loooove the flavor, maybe not on mushrooms alone, but definitely in a savory meal to come. Anyone have any good recipes using garam masala???

Of course I was not done in the kitchen after making dinner, oh no. I began on a little apple project:

Ok, i know, it’s a little blurry (I hate the battle of the flash and low lighting) but applesauce is in the works! I will have the final product (in much better lighting) for you tomorrow!

That is all I have for you for today. I have lots of reading still to get to so I will be leaving you for the evening. Have a great night everyone and enjoy the four-day week!!

lots of love,


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7 Responses to Girls night cooking

  1. Lasagna soup!!!!!!?? I need it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This is my first time on your blog and I’m totally digging it! I have that exact same apple peeler/corer and I miss it. It’s buried away in my storage space somewhere and I’ve been using a regular peeler instead. Also, your photos of the apple-picking adventure are so gorgeous!

    • Hi Joslyn and welcome!! I am glad you like my blog 🙂 I loove that apple peeler, my brother and mom and I were talking last night about how we’ve had it for so long and it has yet to fail us 🙂 Glad you like my photo’s, too. Your blog is fabulous, definitely checking it out big time right now!

  3. I love spending time with my mom too. I hope M and I always have that special bond as well.

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