Friday night date :)

Good evening everyone and welcome to the long weekend!!!

Hopefully you all are going to enjoy at least some part of this beautiful Columbus Day Weekend!! Eric and I are off to a good start after a successful date night starting with Thai food at our favorite local spot, Sawasdee. If you’re ever on the Northshore of Massachusetts I highly recommend this restaurant; great food for great prices! We are also friendly with the owners and they are awesome people; the restaurant is small but the servers are so friendly and they are very accommodating. First, check out the ambience:

And fun lighting:

Eric and I both started off with soup. He got the Tom Yum Soup with shrimp (not pictured) and was a bit surprised to find it topped off with a whole bunch of his least favorite veggie, mushrooms! They are my favorite, but I am not a huge fan of spicy food, so I couldn’t help him out with them. I got Seaweed Soup with vegetables and Tofu:

Really good! Nice and light, I skipped the garlic oil because I am a big fan of excess garlic or oil on any of my dishes. Here’s a look at our quaint little table:

I promised Eric that I wouldn’t be taking any pictures directly of him…he’s so camera shy! Soon after the soup we were greeted by our entrees:

I got the Steamed Fish Filet in Ginger Scallion Sauce: Steamed whole fish or filet in aromatic sesame soy sauce, shredded ginger and sprinkled with cilantro and scallions, served with steamed broccoli. I subbed the broccoli for steamed mixed vegetables; too much broccoli is not my friend. I also got brown rice on the side instead of the usual white rice.

Eric got the Mango Fish: Crispy fish filet topped with sauteed mango, onions, diced green and red peppers in a spicy sweet and sour sauce, served with vegetables. Eric, as usual, didn’t ask for any modifications (I’m picky, he’s simple) and got his with the white rice.

Overall I really loved my dish; the flavors were great and it was just enough of a sauce to add a different element without being too overpowering. Eric liked his but didn’t love it. He said that the sauce flavored the veggies but not really the fish as much.

We will definitely be back to the restaurants but we will see what Eric orders next time 🙂

After the movie we went back to Eric’s house for a little family time with this little monkey that we love so much:

Eric’s niece, Riley! Picture, again, courtesy of her dad and amazing photographer, Dan.

After a bit of family time and digestion, we decided to get back out and do something else with our friday night. The winner was: The Social Network. If you have not seen this movie yet I highly recommend it. It is not at all a lame attempt to make a movie about a website; it’s much more focused on the highly interesting legal battle that creator Mark Zuckerberg went through after Facebook exploded. Check it out!!

That’s all for our Friday night. We are not lounging and relaxing and will most likely be hitting the hay early for a day of apple-picking and photo-taking tomorrow!

Question: What’s your favorite foreign cuisine? Any good date night ideas?

Have a great weekend everyone, and happy fall:

lots of love,


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