All in a day…

Good afternoon!

So lately I have been doing a whole lot of grad work and not a whole lot of actual work. After giving up my full-time job to regain some sanity and perspective while focusing on grad school, I have been living a much more slow paced lifestyle. Thankfully, tomorrow (baring I get a phone call) I will begin substitute teaching and not feel so useless. But nonetheless, I have learned a lot and appreciated this time off!

All that being said, there still remains the question of “what do I do with these days off?.” Well today should be a pretty good example:

Wake up at Eric’s house around 7:15; compose oneself (initial thought: is my outfit and general appearance acceptable were I to go pulled over while racing driving home?) and head back home. Unpack various bags (school bag, overnight bag) and begin to rehydrate and refuel (1-2 large glasses of water and a handful of Barbara’s Shredded Spoonfuls should do it). Then, because you need to get moving, get dressed in workout attire and prepare oneself for a run. Today’s heat and humidity were motivation enough to get out the door fast. I was running by 8:47, today’s goal, per my new training book, was to run for 30 minutes. In total, I was out for 40 minutes, walked a bit but I’m pretty sure that the first 20 minutes of solid running, plus the intermittent runs for the rest had me at 30 minutes. I got back home and stretched and decided I had a little more so I decided to sprint the hill next to my house, 5 times total. My goal with running lately has been to make sure that even if I need to walk and rest, it always comes before or after the hills; hills are huge in training.

Post-run: stretch and shower immediately, I was a sweaty-sticky mess. After showering, I popped in a load of laundry and began to make breakfast:

The base of all of my oats are 1/2 cup rolled oats, 1 small banana, 1 spoonful of agave, about 1 teaspoon of cinnamon (I never measure that one). After the oats had cooked down most of the way I added 2 egg whites and whipped up the mixture until the egg whites and cooked and it had thickened up a bit. The result:

A creamy and thick bowl of oats to which I added some frozen blueberries (which defrost super-fast in the hot oats) and some light Silk Soy milk to cool it off. Perfect breakfast for me 🙂

After breakfast was done, the inevitable set in:

Book and article reading (plus highlighting) all of which is for tonight’s class. I find that I have to switch it up between reading and highlighting articles and reading books. I ended up getting a little bit head-achy from squinting at the articles so the books are much easier on my head and eyes.

For a break from some reading I took a little bit of time outdoors. Hanging laundry:

Enjoying the flowers:

And then realizing that I could probably enjoy the outdoors with a book in my hand and actually be productive! So back out I went, book and water in hand. After a while and many pages of that I decided it was time to get a few errands out of the way. Picking up some tailoring for my grandmother and grabbing a few groceries at the store (bananas, peaches, sliced water chestnuts, saltines, and rice chex).

Upon returning home I realized that I was famished and that it was probably lunch time for me (10 am breakfast and 2:30 lunch sound about right) so I made my favorite standby:

Almond butter topped with cinnamon and blueberry jam both on slices of Trader Joe’s Organic Spelt Bread 🙂

I am getting back to my reading now, I promise, but first one more photo of my newest and most anticipated purchase:

That’s right, a new Black and Decker 10-cup Food Processor!!! I am soooo excited, major upgrade from our Cuisinart 3-cup Handy Prep. (p.s. I just realized that the box is turned to the French-side, nice.)

Tonights dinner in class (7 pm) will probably be some of this:

And yes, hot soup is definitely appropriate on an 82 degree day in Cambridge, MA when your classes are usually sub-70 degrees!

So now for the big question of the day: What are your favorite food processor recipes/uses for your food processor??

A few goals of mine include homemade nut butter, pureed soups, and some different hummus recipes 🙂

Have a great afternoon and evening everyone, Happy Hump Day!

lots of love,


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4 Responses to All in a day…

  1. But the French side is wayyy better: CULINARY ROBOT. Amazing.

    Oh, the highlighting, the highlighting…

  2. Alyssa says:

    Most definitely nut butters and hummus!! Get processing, girl!

  3. I like making bean spreads with the food processor – somehow beans taste better to me as a spread…

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