Flowers and sushi

Happy Friday everyone!

Mine was a combination of work and play. Today at work was my last “real day” or “week day shift” with many of my co-workers. My boss came in and surprised me with a cake, a beautiful/amazing card from my co-workers (so much love, really sad saying goodbye), and these beauties:

Up close, it looks like a little heart in the middle!

It was shocking saying goodbye to many people for the last time (although my true last day is Sunday), many of my favorites will not be there this weekend. I left a note on my Facebook when I came home to let them all know how much I love and appreciate them (a huuuge number of people at my job are all on Facebook and interconnected). The response warmed my heart and made me happy that I have such great friends 🙂

Later in my day I was driving and I looked up and saw the sky looking like this:

I thought at first how beautiful it was and how little we stop and take note of the wonder of the world around us. It was an odd moment for me because I felt as if it was such a visual of how I am feeling lately. I feel that I am starting to make changes that are moving me out of the darkness and into the bright sunshine. I don’t mean to sound trite in saying that by any means, but I feel that we have opportunities and make choices in our lives that really bring us closer to the person we want to be. It is not always easy and not without struggles, but if we are willing to take risks and have faith in ourselves, anything is possible.


After work I hit the gym for the first time in WEEKS! I have been on a running kick for a while now so I have been focusing my workouts on that training. I have such an odd relationship with the gym. It is my escape and my release most of the time but during the summer/after a while I need a break from it. It was good to get back because that’s where I do most of my weight training. Today I did my arm/leg/core routine, walked on the treadmill for five minutes to cool down, and then did some yoga stretching before heading out and onto…date night!

Eric and I were excited to get some time out after a busy week with him playing soccer and me getting back into the full swing of things with classes. We are big Asian food fans and tonight, it was sushi time!

Does anyone else struggle with chopsticks?? I want to be able to use them correctly so much but I always end up struggling! Eric picked it up a few years ago from his brother-in-law (who is half-Chinese, mind you) so clearly he has had good instruction. I, on the other hand, am learning from Eric, who, love him to death, is not always the best teacher. Needless to say, I end up with rice and sushi places other than in the soy sauce or my mouth. But anyways, to the sushi:

Eric got a spicy tuna roll, spicy salmon roll, and a Boston roll. I got a California roll and this broiled salmon:It was so nice to just have a few pieces of plain, broiled salmon; sometimes I really feel that fish is meant to be eaten on it’s own (okay, with some lemon juice squeezed on). We also both began our meal with miso soup, however, I was far too ravenous to take a photo of them.

After dinner we made a move to get to the movie theater to see “The Town” starring/directed by Ben Affleck. I HIGHLY recommend seeing it! Even though I am super biased, being a Boston girl and all, it was still such a great movie (action and suspense a la “The Departed” but with a love-story subplot that keeps it a little lighter). After seeing the movie, which got out around 9:30 (my bedtime…) and eating most of the bag of Welch’s Fruit Snack (vitamin C infused gummy snacks) I was a little bit slap-happy with tiredness. Eric was nervous because I was the one behind the wheel, driving him to his car that he had left at work today while he road his bike home for a workout. Thankfully we are both safe and sound and my lunch is made for my workday tomorrow, SUCCESS!

That’s all I have left in me to type, I am so tired from this wonderful day! I will only leave you with a quote:

“When you have learned compassion for yourself, compassion for others is automatic” B. H. Gunaratana

Share with me any of your fun date night adventures!!!

Lots of love and a good night to everyone!!!


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