Good morning!!

I know, my first morning post, kind of relaxing and nice. I am posting while sipping on some tea while Eric plays old school Super Mario on Wii…as long as we’re both happy then life is good 🙂

I’m at his house this morning and relaxing through the chaos of college move-in day for two of his triplet brothers. The other one moved in for soccer about a week ago, so today is the final and most challenging day. It makes me a little reminiscent (and not at all sad) of moving into college back in freshman year. My room was the size of a shoebox and filled with three strangers:

My bed/desk/life was on the left there, one of my roommates made an appearance in this. As you can tell, things were a little cramped. It is wonderful now to sit and watch this process without any of emotions, stress or anxiety that came along with the day. As much as I loved college in the end, my first two years weren’t always the greatest. My freshman year, specifically, I was at Northeastern University and was pretty miserable. I felt lonely, like a little fish in a wayyyy oversized pond. This was the year that I gained almost all of my college weight, about 20+ pounds on my 5’1″ frame. The two years after this year I definitely fluctuated, but this was by far the worst. I didn’t exercise one bit and ate horribly, having no idea what good nutrition meant. I went from being a three-sport athlete in high school to no fitness whatsoever. I didn’t know that I could be fit without being an athlete. My unhappiness at the school just consumed me and I felt I didn’t know how to get out.

Good things did come of this year though, I made choice to change my situation and seek out happiness. I decided that being at a big university was not what worked for me; I wanted to be apart of a small college community where I could be involved and have a voice. Still in love with Boston, I decided to look at Emmanuel College, and it became one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Although the first year wasn’t ideal, being placed in a freshman dorm for the second year in a row, I made the most of it and made friends and connections that made the school a place I could call home.

My experience freshman year (and again sophomore year in a new school) inspired me to apply to be a Resident Assistant; the choice that would really define my college experience. As an RA, I was not longer just a student on campus, I was a part of the community and of the experience for others. I felt that I could really relate with my residents who were having a difficult transition and also show them the way that being a part of a community like Emmanuel would allow them to find connection and support through involvement. Oh, and did I mention that I spent all four years of my college experience living in freshman dorms??? Yup, once I became an RA I was pegged as a 1st year RA and spent my junior and senior years living amongst the freshies 🙂 Needless to say, senior week when myself and the other RA’s moved into a the senior dorms and the campuses drinking ban was lifted, we celebrated:

This is us at senior ball, some of my closest RA friends 🙂

It’s definitely bittersweet to reminisce about college but its a defining time in my life when I made decisions to change and grow that have shaped much of my life now. The experience has definitely lead me to consider working as a college counselor once I finish my Grad program. I also still have moments where I get RA inspirations, most recently after purchasing my Operation Beautiful book. Once I began reading I knew this is a movement I would have loved to start on my campus. I became inspired and decided to take action, I emailed one of my former residents (now an RA herself) and told her all about the Operation Beautiful book and movement and asked her to start it on campus. She was super excited about it and more than willing to allow me to live vicariously through her. She asked me to come back to campus and help present the movement with her as a program for her first-year residents. I honestly can’t wait to help her out and hopefully initiate some change on campus. I know that during my weight ups and downs in college, something like Operation Beautiful would have truly made a huge difference in my life!

I think I’ve reached the end of my story  telling for the morning. I could go on forever but the goal here is to gain readers, not lose them. Have a wonderful Saturday everyone! I think Eric and I are going to do a little Target shopping and hopefully some hiking and photo-taking 🙂


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3 Responses to Reminiscing

  1. Very meaningful and heartfelt post 🙂 Glad you are able to relax and write!


  2. eatmovelove says:

    Wow – that is a phenomenal idea on your part – to spread it around campus! Beautiful Emily. Just beautiful 🙂

  3. Danielle says:

    That’s wonderful – to spread this message to those who would benefit from it!

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