Let the pictures speak

Eric’s niece, Riley, the birthday girl! Munching on some Cheerio’s 🙂

Eric and his dad, Rick

1-year-old piggy-toes

Cupcake time!

“Where’s Auntie Emily?”

One of two butterfly cakes


I wish to someday inherit my mom’s green thumb.

Summer squash pretending to be zucchini, c/o my aunt’s farm house in Maine.

Ohhh garden tomatoes, how I love thee!

Crazy-shaped whole wheat grilled pizza topped with tomato paste, red and orange tomatoes, basil, sauteed mushrooms, and pecorino-romano cheese…YUM!

Eric’s tomatoe paste, mozzarella, pepperoni, and pecorino-romano cheese grilled pizza.

Those are the photo highlights of of my family-filled Saturday, which are the best kinds. I worked today but tonight I am heading to Gulu-Gulu Cafe in Salem, MA with some of my girl friends. I HIGHLY reccommend it for anyone in the area; European cafe vibe, great food and atmosphere, plus they serve amazing local beers, tasty wines, and yummy martini’s!

Have a great night everyone!!!


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4 Responses to Let the pictures speak

  1. eatmovelove says:

    Yum! I love pizza so you stole my heart right there. Gorgeous baby!…and cake 😉

    I seen your comment on HEAB’s and was interested in your name. “Mindfulness” is something I desperately am trying to work on…but I don’t think it’s ever going to work.

    • Thanks for the comment!! Ya pizza is pretty amazing, plus grilling = love! I choose the Mindfullness theme because it is something that I am constantly working on and yet never quite mastering. It’s so difficult in our culture to slow down, observe, and be aware. I think having it as my blog title keep me accountable for it and helps me to come back to it. Don’t give up, you can get there!!

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