Blogger Hierarchy of Needs

Good evening bloggies!

So if you have been following my blog at all, you may wonder where in the world has this girl gone?? It’s a good question, I’ll give you that.

The answer is honestly that life has come at me a bit hard lately and I didn’t know exactly how to blog and be positive while I was feeling pretty down. For you experienced bloggers out there, any advice about blogging on bad days?

Not to throw all of my personal life on here because no one needs that, but I was just butting heads on the homefront and, as the psych nerd that I am, I know that when your basic needs are out of whack (including home/shelter, personal safety and happiness) it becomes more difficult to enjoy higher level life activities.

Here’s a little lesson from our good friend Abraham Maslow


Ok, so maybe my survival needs were being met, I would say we’re looking at Safety Needs (comfort) that was the issue. It made me think though, as bloggers, are there certain needs and requirements that need to be met before we can/become successful bloggers? Here’s my theory:

Emily’s Hierarchy of Blogger Needs

Essentials: As is common with both sets of hierarchies, you can’t do much of anything if your basic needs of life are not met. A hungry girl, who’s freezing her butt off and without a dollar to her name is seriously not going to be down for blogging; it’s just how it goes.

Support: having relationships and human interactions in life is crutial. As a blogger, you need to feel supported in the community and by those in your personal life who know that you are a blogger. No one wants to be sneaking around to blog without notice, nor do want to write a blog that no one will read.

Fitness: this is mainly pertaining to health and wellness blogs, but it seems as if fitness goals are a huge motivating factor in searching blogs and writing our own blogs. Fitness gives us endorphins, keeping us happy and giving us purpose.

Creativity: without ideas and innovative topics/recipes/posts, our blogs can become stagnant. We need a catch, something new that our readers can expect on a regular basis. This requires planning and/or thinking on your toes. You don’t want to live and die for the best blog post each day, but having topics and ideas that you are passionate about helps to keep readers intrigued.

Sense of self: although this one may seem obvious, it can be a more difficult level to reach. Although many of our blogs begin after we’re inspired by the many fabulous blogs that we have read, we may not have fully understood ourselves, our journey, or or motivating factors to write. The best blogs that I read are those of people who have journeyed past the self-doubt and uncertainty and are at a point of peace and acceptance with themselves and their place in life. It is not that their journey is over by ANY MEANS, rather, they understand their journey thus far and are excited for what is ahead.

Altruism: this is huge in great blogging. To blog for one’s own needs and release is excellent, but amazing bloggers are those who are inspiring, educating, and truly giving back to their readers. These are the blogs that you bookmark entries from and turn to as guides for different parts of your own life (hello, Ash’s Encyclopedia of Oats). It’s something hopefully all bloggers aspire to do with their writing.

This is the sunset Eric and I saw this evening. It reminded me that at the end of each stressful, draining, frustrating, or trying day, there can always be beauty found somewhere and somehow.

I’d love to hear your feedback on my hierarchy, pros/cons/suggestions/additions/subtractions? Anything would be great 🙂

Have a great night everyone and a happy tomorrow!!!


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4 Responses to Blogger Hierarchy of Needs

  1. Ashley says:

    What a great post!! That sunset photo is amazing. Just stunning. Thanks for the shout out…much appreciated =)

  2. Tina says:

    This is such a cool post. I love it! I agree with it all in fact.

  3. In theory I’ d like to write like this too – taking time and real effort to make a good article… but what can I say… I procrastinate alot and never seem to get something done.

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