Mindful fitness + a recipe!

Good evening bloggies!

Thanks to all those who read and responded to my post about the pushy guy at the gym. I feel good about standing my ground and doing my own thing; fitness is supposed to be fun!

On that note, I had an awesome fitness day yesterday despite a rocky start to my day. Work felt super early yesterday due to lack of sleep and I wasn’t totally myself during the day. You know that you’re feeling rough when your co-worker irritatingly thoughtfully notices that you look tired and aren’t yourself. When I mentioned my planned trail ride for afterwork she seemed to think what I needed was a good nap…the nagging voice in my head was sitting there right next to me! I ignored the voice deciding the fresh air and wooded trails were just what I needed.

The ride ended up being awesome!  I went out to a local state park (Bradley Palmer/Willowdale for all those from MA) with Jackie and lead by our friend Jason. He is a great trail guide and really knows the park inside and out so he’s great to ride with. He took us up a single track that was kind of windy and it really was so fun. It took a lot of skill and concentration to make good turns but it kept me mindful and present. That is why I think I enjoy trail riding so much; its hard to let your mind wander when you have to stay present and make sure you know what’s coming next. I find that even days when I am extremely stressed, even anxious, it seems to disappear when I ride. I think both the combination of being so focused on the trail, combined with the peace and beauty of being in the woods really brings me a peace and centeredness that I often lack in my daily life. For those of you who have bikes and are lucky enough to be near some good trails or even off-road stuff I really reccommend getting out for a ride! You’ll appreciate the peace when you do!

After yesterday’s ride and today being a little off at work, I decided to be a little bit low-key and domesticated this evening. I am the head of the household this weekend so I felt the need to do a little grocery shopping, laundry, cooking, and cleaning. Part of my motivation to go to the store honestly came from Mama Pea’s recent post and recipe for homemade cookie dough “larabars.” Seriously, whenever I am present with something that tastes just like cookie dough without the raw eggs or belly aches, I pretty much have to try it! So here goes:

Mama Pea’s Cookie Dough larabars Sarahbar’s

1 c raw almonds

2/3 c whole pitted dates

1 t vanilla extract

1/2 t sea salt

1/8 c dark chocolate chips

All mixed together…

All packaged up and ready to chill 🙂

The mixture is chilling out in my fridge for the evening…my plan is to cut them up a little smaller than Mama Pea to serve as cookie dough bites to my co-workers…waiting to see their reaction before mentioning that they’re vegan 🙂

Well have a good night everyone!!!


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1 Response to Mindful fitness + a recipe!

  1. Mama Pea says:

    I don’t know how you did it, but yours look better than mine! I can’t wait to hear how you like them!

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