Seeking advice…

Hi bloggies!

Ok so I had a bizarre happening today and I need to get some feedback, please!

So I was walking into the gym this afternoon, just got out of work, doing my thing :). As i walked in and began to swipe my pass at the desk I was approached by the guy working there. “Hey how’s it going today.” Good, and you? “Great, what you gonna do for your workout?” (Maybe he’s just being friendly) Some running and weights. “What muscles are you working out?” Umm, my arms, shoulders, back? “You should have a session with X trainer, he’d give you a great workout, get you to burn TWICE the calories in the same amount of time.”

Ok, here’s where I was a little bit concerned he was going to far. Now granted, I go to a gym thats pretty big into it’s group exercise and individual experience for each client. I know that they’re really trying to make sure the members are aware of all the different offerings that they have. That being said, something I like about this gym is if you are a person who thinks their gym time is individual and about your own goals, you can totally do your own thing and go in and out on your own time.

Unfortunately the guy didn’t stop there. After telling him I wasn’t really sure if I was interested he kept pushing. “Come on, why not?” Well I had my own workout planned and I just sort of want to get in and out “So you’re not going to workout or sweat before you leave?” (Ok seriously guy, for real!?) No I am, come on just not today “Ok fine, give me ONE GOOD REASON why not, just one!”

At this point I had seriously had it. I felt like I was back in middle school being peer pressured to try smoking cigarettes “come on, just try it once, all the cool kids are doing it.” The guy proceeded to call over the trainer he was offering me, introduce us, then take down my number and my name and the next day I planned on working out so that the trainer could set up a session with me! Ok yeah, getting to try a trainer for free is great and all, but at least give me the chance to say no!

So, needless to say, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about this since it happened a few hours ago. The self-doubting part of me thinks I was being a wuss for not taking him up on the offer. But then there’s the self-assertive part of me that’s like, “Dude, I can work out on my own and do not need to be guilted into a trainer to feel like I can have success.”

So here’s my question to you readers out there (if there are any of you!):

Was this guy out of line in his questioning? Should he really have gone that far in pressuring me about a trainer when I just wanted to get a workout in? Or, should I have just gone with it and been spontaneous and taken him up on the offer?

I’m feeling super torn about this one. Especially with my own history of extreme exercise, I tend to avoid forms of fitness that are crazy intense and high pressure. I want to enjoy exercise because it makes me feel good, mind and body, not feel like I have to get my butt kicked and reach maximum calorie burn each day.

Ok on a totally lighter note a few life updates to share:

Sunday night was drinks out with all my close girlfriends

These are the ones, this picture is from my 21st birthday luau 🙂

Last night was also a great night which involved an impromptu family reunion. My older cousin Brian is in the army and stationed down in South Carolina. He came up for the first time in 2 years and brought his new girlfriend along to meet the family. We planned to have dinner at our house the day before and by the time it was 6 pm last night, the whole extended family had come out of the woodwork to see my cousin and meet his girlfriend. We all loved her, she’s such a sweetie and my New England family couldn’t get enough of her southern charm 🙂

Tonight’s dinner was also a momentous occasion for several reasons:

My first two homegrown tomatoes of the year! Aren’t the so cute!!!

My father and brother ACTUALLY CLEARING THE TABLE AND DOING THE DISHES. This is a HUGE deal in our household! Probably even once in a lifetime!!! (pardon my dad’s casual appearance)

And my adorable Mom relaxing, feet up, and reveling in the fact that her men are for once doing the work that they should 🙂

That’s about it for now. This was a long one and if you are still with me you’re a wonderful and kind person 🙂


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2 Responses to Seeking advice…

  1. That sound frustrating with the trainer. I wouldn’t like it if I felt like they were pressuring me into it. Working out should be fun, and that just sounds frustrating! Way to stand your ground! Hope your workout was awesome 🙂

  2. Tina says:

    I think he was out of line for pushing it on you. And I think it’s tacky how it all happened. It seems like the trainer sent that guy to rope you in when the trainer should have spoke to you on his own. I know I always prefer doing my own thing.

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