Getting the big weekend started!

Good evening everyone!

It’s official, the 5-day birthday weekend has begun! My last shift at work today was not quite as painful as I would have thought and I even got a surprise visit! My older cousin, Stephanie, was renewing one of her nursing certifications at our hospital. She sent me a facebook message from her phone to say she was in the hospital and, luckily, one of the nurses in her class knew me and pointed her in my direction. It was great to see her today, although she only lives a few cities away, our lives are always moving in two different directions. It’s sad too because she’s my only girl-cousin and I really love spending time with her. But all-in-all it was a good work day and a great last shift to kick of the weekend.

After work I was a feeling a little stir-crazy and not sure what to do. Knowing I did NOT want to go right home I decided to point my car straight for the gym. I am actually really lucky because it’s 2 minutes from my work, pretty much no excuses! My gym sesh was pretty great! I did a fairly intense strength training video yesterday so the goal today was just to get in some cardio. I ended up running one of my fav’s, 1 minute sprint High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). I did 30 minutes of these and then 5 minutes walking at a 10% incline and a 5 minute cool down. I was so proud and feeling very successful, especially considering my total lack of motivation prior to the run.

I went straight home to get ready for the birthday dinner! Tonight was the night that my family took out my dad and I to celebrate our birthdays. I ended up choosing the restaurant, a local classic for fancy birthdays Beverly Depot. It was a bit of a compromise for me, I wanted some good seafood and to try somewhere out of the ordinary. My dad, on the other hand, is more of a same-old-thing kind of guy; it had to me somewhere he could get something he’s used to eating, so this was my compromise. I started my meal with a lovely glass of cabernet-sauvignon

I have to admit, this is actually my second glass of wine. Halfway through my first a fly decided to take a swim! Gross, I know, but it not only lead to my have another full glass of wine but also a free dessert for my mom and I! Yeah, totally worth it.

What I like about this restaurant is they have a really great salad bar that always starts your meal. Mine included: romaine lettuce, grape tomatoes, beets, mushrooms, black olives, and golden raisins. I dressed it with balsamic oil and got a piece (or two) of their brown bread to go with it. For my dinner I got grilled salmon which is my favorite restaurant meal. I don’t really consider myself a huge meat eater but fish, especially salmon, are my weakness.

Here’s a few pictures of the Eric and I + the fam:

Big brother Dan and Jackie

Mom and Dad, he took his glasses off to look better…woops, not sure if it helped 🙂

We had a great night and a lot of laughs. I am such a big family person so nights like this, when its just the 6 of us, are really my favorite thing. It’s such a great thing to be able to see how much your parents love eachother and know what that love is like sitting next to the person you love ❤

Speaking of love, I did mention that I got a free dessert, did I not?

Why yes, that would be a goblet of raspberry sorbet, my absolute favorite! No guilt here people, this meal was all the things that I love with all the people that I love 🙂

I am so excited to start this long weekend off in such a great way. Tomorrow is going to be another great one that will hopefully include both a bike ride and the much-anticipated NACHOPALOOZA! More photos to follow soon. For now I am going to relax with Eric and work on some more of our pictures that we’re printing up soon!

Goodnight everyone!!


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  1. I love getting to go out for a nice dinner!! Happy Birthday weekend!


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