Blog guilt

Confession: I have total blog guilt tonight. I’m still not in the habit of having my camera by my side all the time so I feel guilty that my blog is filled with great pics of my eats and adventures. I’m going to let go of that guilt, however, and post anyways.

Last night, as I was falling asleep, all I wanted to do was go on a run today. I know, who dreams of running at the end of a long day?

this girl: (that would be me in heaven a wine store in California)

So despite feeling pretty rough when I woke up at the lovely hour of 5 a.m., I had a plan in mind; work. change. run. I have missed running a lot lately. It always seems that when I get out of work it’s either 90 and humid or raining…conditions that just do not work for me when running! Earlier in the spring and summer I was running a few time a week and was nearing the 4 mile mark for milage. Today was not as good but I still went the whole distance of my normal route. I ran for the first mile and after that alternated between walking and running. When I reached a park/beach near my house I stopped, plopped myself down, and took in the view and the sunshine.

Obear Park, near my house (source)

It was gorgeous, the water was choppy because of the cool breeze but the sun was shinning bright and warm. There were people with dogs in the water and there were a few women sitting in beach chairs reading and enjoy the view. I just sat for a few moments and let myself rest and take it all in; we need to do things like this in our lives, take in the moment. As I got myself up and headed home I could feel how tired I was from a few days of work and working out but I felt wonderful, too.

I stretched for a bit when I got home, something so important that I often neglect to do. After a bottle of water I hit the shower and got straight into my comfy clothes. Dinner tonight was AMAZING. We had fresh-caught striper, I made mine lemon pepper and my family had theirs with a mango lime marinade. My mom had gone to a farmstand and got a HUGE ripe red tomato and some pickling cucumbers that she sliced with some salt and pepper. For my other side I steamed some spinach and turnips, simple but so good 🙂 It was such a good meal, light but really satisfying too. Today was my dad’s official birthday, Happy 53rd Birthday Dad!

So now I am calling it a day…I would like to be in my bed and lovin’ my pillow by 9:30!

Goodnight everyone 🙂

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  1. That is my favorite bedtime 🙂 9:30 woot woot!!


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