Birthday week has begun

Yes, I did say week, and no, I’m really not trying to be a spoiled brat! My birthday is this Friday, the 30th and my dad’s birthday is tomorrow so there’s a little celebrating throughout the week. Side story: I was actually due on his birthday but the little Leo lioness in me refused to share a birthday, so I came a few days late 🙂 Tonight’s festivities were a family dinner to celebrate my dad’s birthday with my grandmother (his mom). My grammy, as I call her, just turned 92 this year and is such a fabulous and strong woman; she still lives independently! Working in a hospital ER, I see elderly people all day long and I am always amazed when I see my grandmother and how well she does. This picture is from her 90th birthday celeberation:

She’s so cute 🙂

Ok so back the birthday stuff; tonight we had a small dinner with her so that she could celebrate my dad’s birthday with him. My mom and I made a delicious devil’s food cake, subbing the water and oil out for 1 can of apple pie filling; a great FF alternative! Here is the masterpiece, very homemade:

It was tasty, I ate mine with raspberry sorbet + fresh raspberries, yum!

I received a little birthday money early so I decided to take my personal shopper boyfriend, Eric, to BJ’s Wholesale to get a new book or two! I am loving being able to read so much. It’s something that I always get so into in the summer and then it fades away fast once school begins. I am truly going to make it a point to spend some time reading for pleasure each day; maybe taking a little less time being on my computer. I ended up getting “Little Bee” by Chris Cleave and “Oxygen” by Carol Casella. Has anyone read this books?? If so, what were your thoughts?? “Little Bee” has been reccomended to me by a few people and “Oxygen” just looked like something I was like…totally judged a book by it’s covers (and summary).

After our mini-shopping trip, I told Eric I wasn’t ready to go home just yet, it was too beautiful out. Instead, we drove to the ocean and sat in the park that overlooks the beach I was at on Thursday. The view was so gorgeous as the sun was setting. It’s so healing to spend a little time outdoors everyday, disconnected from everything but the fresh air and world around you. It’s something I am trying to do everyday, even if just for a few minutes.

As for the rest of the birthday week:

Wednesday night we’re going out to dinner  for the real celebration of mine and my Dad’s birthday’s as a family. It will be my parents, my brother Dan and his girlfriend Jackie, and Eric and I. Thursday is the day my long weekend begins and also an evening I am VERY much looking forward to, Nachopalooza! My coworker’s at the hospital started this night-out last year as a full day outing to various restaurants to determine which had the best Nacho’s (and how many drinks could be had along the way). This year we’re sticking to one location and making it one big Nacho celebration. It’s going to be a such a blast, I work with some amazing people and we bond a lot at work so it’s nice to be able to let loose a bit (and see people in normal clothes and not scrubs). Friday, my actual birthday, will be a get-away with Eric to Portland, ME for the day and night. Portland is one of my favorite city’s and I cannot wait to go out with Eric. The planner I am, I already picked our dinner and brunch spots:) Saturday we are planning on driving home slow and stopping in Oggunquit, ME to take some pictures and walk along the coast. Hopefully Saturday night will be another night out with some of my friends, haven’t fully planned that one yet but we’ll see 🙂

Anyways I should really be getting to bed because tomorrow’s another early one, day 4 of 6 in the work stretch until the long b-day weekend. Have a fabulous night everyone, hope you got some good outdoors time today, too.

I’ll leave you with a great photo captured today of the big bro really getting into the birthday evening :

Good night!!


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3 Responses to Birthday week has begun

  1. Happy Birthday Week Emily!!!! My birthday is on Christmas Day, so I completely understand wanting your time 🙂


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