Good evening everyone!

Today was another day off and definitely a mixed bag. If you’re wondering why I have Tuesdays and Thursdays off instead of Saturdays and Sundays it’s because I work in a hospital and I work every other weekend, so my weekly schedule is a little bit different than most.

Anyways, my day started bright and early. I got up around 7ish and really wanted to get in some exercise before my hair appointment at 9. Fact about me: I love going to the hairdresser, it feels rejuvinating for me to go in with grown-out and dull hair and leave with a fresh cut and a little bit lighter 🙂 Ok so back to my day, took a walk/run around 7:30 and the weather was perfect! The breeze was crisp and cool but the sun was shining. I returned and and rinsed off and had a quick bowl of outs before heading to the hairdressers.

After emerging (over an hour and a half later) a with hair a little shorter and a lot blonder, I decided that I needed some time in the sun. I grabbed my beach bag, a chair, a towel, and my current read and headed down to a small local beach.

The view from where I sat

What more do you need: sandy beach, sunshine and a good book 🙂

My favorite thing about this beach is the jetty.

I left the beach around 2:30, feeling a little overheated and verrry thirsty. I need so much water when I’m out in the sun, I feel like I get dehydrated very quickly. I also left at this time to get home and get ready to go to a wake. A very close family that we grew up with recently lost their father/husband to very quick illness. He was far to young to die and it was heart breaking to hug his children and wife who are only a few years older than my family. I won’t get too sad here for you, but it was definitely a difficult afternoon that left me with many thoughts and also made me reconsider how precious each day is; each smile, each hug, and even each difficult moment that can be turned into good.

After coming home I felt a little bit depleted, emotionally and physically. I made myself a good dinner though, knowing my body needed a good meal after a long day. Dinner was a spin off on Tuesday’s salad, this time it was a Beet, Orange, Grilled Chicken, and Goat Cheese Salad with a red-bliss potato on the side. All-in-all a peaceful ending to a bittersweet day.

Have a good evening everyone and give a hug, kiss, or call to those you love 🙂


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