Quick evening post

Good evening all 🙂

Hope everyone had a great hump day 🙂 I just wrapped up my day by watching Alice in Wonderland with Eric. Wednesdays are our date night and we decided this one would be relaxed and low-key. My body was a little off today so my workout was a bit shorter than I would have liked. A year ago, I would have been freaking out about this, thinking about how hard I should have worked and how many more calories I should have burned. Today, however, I just rolled with it. I knew by body was tired and needed a little R&R and that was okay with me. I made it a point to lay out my workout clothes for the morning so I can get in the morning run that have been missing before the heat arrives. I am also on a bit of a time crunch because I stupidly strategically made a hair appointment for 9 am, in hopes that the weather on my day off would be nice and I could have a beach day!

Quick recap for of eats for the day: breakfast was my oats, cooked on the stove top with 1/2 scoop of chia seeds and a small banana. I was a bit of a snacker at work today since the yummy salad I  packed was not doing it for me. I got a bit of my appetite back mid afternoon and thankfully had packed a Present Globar which held me over for the rest of the day. Dinner was an Emily and Eric creation:

Steamed bok choy, green beans, and baby corn topped with tomatoes and water chestnuts. Eric grilled up some chicken tenders for us, mine were soy-ginger-lime and his were marinated in a spicy Thai peanut sauce. We cooked up some brown rice which ended up being sub-par; we wanted a sticky rice but didn’t want to take the 50 minutes to cook it so the bag we bought ended up being sort of a dud. Anywho, over all the dinner was pretty good and curbed my asian food craving for the evening.

That’s all for now, hoping to wake up tomorrow feeling revitalized and reading to run 🙂 Looking forward to sitting in the sun and reading my new read: Jodi Picoult’s “Change of Heart.”

Have a good night everyone!


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