Turning negatives to positives

Hi folks 🙂

So I’m not going to lie, this morning was a rough one. I just finished my second section of my weekend course which consisted of classes Friday 5p-10p, Sat and Sunday 9a-6p: information overload! We actually got out a little bit early yesterday but I was still pretty overwhelmed. The most difficult part, for me, was the chairs and having my laptop with me. The chairs were really stiff and unsupportive and sitting in them for so many hours on end was leading to really bad headaches for me that were just making me feel pretty terrible. Having my laptop (for notes and as a bit of a distraction) was also giving me a headache, too. All in all not a good combination.

Last evening I was still feeling a little yucky but forced myself to have some dinner. I went to bed feeling yucky and a little too late for my 5 am alarm clock. When I woke up this morning I was NOT in prime condition. My stomach was totally off and my head ached from lack of sleep. Hopefully at this point you aren’t done with my complaining, I promise there’s a purpose!! So anyways, my usual morning routine always include breakfast before work; I cannot start my day without my favorite meal. This morning, for the first time almost ever, it was just not happening. That’s bad news for this girl! I cooked up my oats Ash-style but couldn’t do it. I packed them and some almond butter up, hoping I could eat them at work.

The morning was rough but by lunch time I was ready to eat something. I had a light lunch and felt a little bit better. The real negative came on my way out of work, however. I had decided that I was for sure getting in a workout, but thinking real low key, a little weights and maybe a few minutes on the stair master. A frustrating moment with my supervisor changed the course of my day.  I approached her about a request and she completely made me feel disempowered, as if I would be lucky if she help me out but doubtful that she would. I was furious. I am such a hard worker and what is most difficult for me to deal with at my job is when I am shrugged off or treated like I’m not a valuable employee. I kept my head up and took a walk to the door, stopping to consult a good friend and co-worker about the situation. She empowered me to stand up for myself and talk to someone that could help with the situation. Her words really struck me “You need to stand up for yourself, Em.” I have, for the better part of my life, not stood up for myself when it was something that mattered to me. I am so non-confrontational that I often neglect to protect myself when necessary.

After this situation I left work feeling mixed emotions. I had made some steps to talk to someone about the scenario (which was a bit more extensive than just today) but was sad to leave work and feel so disrespected. I was also reminded of some the times reading Angela’s blog, where she talked about having a bad experience in her previous work environment. I have been deeply considering this lately and wondering what it will take for me to stand up for myself, or even better, make a change.

As I drove to the gym I knew that I needed to turn my day around. I took the frustration and turned it into a great workout. I put on my iPod and started playing Girl Talk and just started running. I managed 25 minutes of sprinting intervals with a 5 minute power walk. I then took the energy to the free weights and did my arm workout mixed with a few squat and lunge combos, as well as some dead lifts. Leaving the gym I felt so proud of myself; I hadn’t started off the day well and had no idea that I would get to the gym and work so hard.

When I got to my house, Eric was there to meet me (I had called him when I left work to vent) and he was super supportive, making it all the better. We made an awesome dinner together that topped off my good feeling. We made our favorite grilled apple salad:

Grilled Apple Salad for 2

1 head of romaine, chopped

1 red pepper, cut into small pieces

1 tomato split in half (my half got mashed up with the following…)

1 avacado, split in half

1 fuji apple, cored and sliced.

Eric, my personal grill master, sprayed the apple slices with some cooking spray and put the on the grill. They cook about 10 minutes, turning them over about ever two minutes or so, just until they have grill marks and seem a little soft. We dressed the salad with some balsamic vinegar and served them with a big sweet potato each. A perfect meal for (mostly) meat-free Monday!

We are spending the evening together now watching last week’s and this week’s Lie To Me and maybe having a frozen treat, raspberry sorbet for me and some Ben and Jerry’s “Everything but the…” for Eric…crazy guy 🙂

So needless to say, I am ending this day much better than it began and feeling a lot better about myself for it. Hope everyone has a good night 🙂


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2 Responses to Turning negatives to positives

  1. I totally know how you feel!! When I get so busy like that, I just have a hard time getting up in the morning. I’ve found that an early morning workout gets my butt in gear and the rest of the day is much better after that 🙂 Hope your days get better!!!


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